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What price hike ?
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Re: P-51 radiators - I did a few tests. These were done flying straight and level, no manoeuvring, so bear that in mind.

I've found the coolant radiator works generally OK automatically, but it has a tendency to run hot. Going flat out the 'auto' setting will keep the needle in the void between the green zone and red line. This is great for low-drag shenanigans but I don't know if any damage is occurring running like this.

The oil cooler's automatic mode seems broken or at least out of calibration. I tested by fully closing the oil till the temperature hit the red line then switched to auto - no change. But a five second manual push of 'open' brought the temps quickly back into the green. Running the engine cool (40°), with oil fully open, and then engaging auto the temperature will start rising so it is doing something.

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you guys are warming up your engines right?

it says in one small line in the manual that if you don't get your oil/rad temps to a certain value (dunno what number exactly.. i just look at the needles) any sort of throttle action past 20%~ it will kill your engine.

it says this once and then never mentions it again. never have i heard this advice while complaining about engines dying.

since i've started doing the warmup procedure though my engine outs while in flight have stopped entirely. the problem is that the oil pressure spike kills your engine on a timer, so you may think that it is just due to overheat but in reality your engine died 20 minutes ago while sitting on the ramp and the timer's only hitting you now.

tbh what would be really nice would be a report when your engine seizes that tell you why (oil temp exceeded safe limits at server time 0730) or whatever as otherwise it's a huge guess as to why it's broken and you have to parachute home.
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IIRC the manual says to warm the engine until 40° oil temperature, before starting to taxi.
When you hit the wrong button on take-off

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