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Originally Posted by Xtacy View Post
Care to address the mistral missile? It looks like they provided halfway decent numbers and visual references.

Same with RWR detecting various radars. I'd like to see improvements in both of these aspects.
Have you browsed the other thread about this. Not even Tharos could change their mind about the missile. I'd vote to ban Gazelle Mistral in MP untill this matter resolved.
Oh yes, I have the module and its the last time I'd buy anything from Polychop again to be honest.
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yes i've read threads. i'm trying to keep this constructive and hopefully move forward with positive changes
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I performed a test flight one year ago with Borchi_2b "Sven", as I am a military heli pilot in armée de l'air.
I flew the real Gazelle at the beginning of my career and now I am on the As555 Fennec with 3000h+.

Sven is a very nice and comprehensive guy.
I still wonder why the Polychop French guy (Patrick?) didn't speak to me even once. It could have been easier for me to explain my complaint about the FM.

I left Polychop Discord after weeks because there was no more answer.
I met some Gazelle pilote to try to help Polychop because we are really looking forward to take pleasure with the Gazelle but it is impossible with the current FM as it is so weird and the cyclic is not coded like a helo.

Armée de l'air is very very very interested in DCS. It is a great software for us because it allows to perform COMAOs connected together from our respective air base.

For the helos, we will use DCS for the formation of our future leaders, mission commander, for the CAS and CCA qualifications and so on .. So maaaany on. Unfortunately we can't use the Gazelle for that. So we will buy a lot of licence of the UH1 and the Mi8
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Originally Posted by NineLine View Post
Not to bud my nose in to this, but I am interested in the Mistral, the fact that ED has one and the Gazelle has one, I thought all missiles/weapons deferred to the core game, so I wonder if this is just something that needs to be adjusted now that ED added it.
Interesting, does this mean the ED Phoenix should be used as opposed to the HB Phoenix?

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Originally Posted by Kazansky222 View Post
Interesting, does this mean the ED Phoenix should be used as opposed to the HB Phoenix?
Not necessarily. The M2000 at first used EDs 530D and Magic for maybe a few months to a year, but have been using their own ever since.
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Great idea and some valid concerns in there but the uses of the word meme and unnecessary attempts of humiliation on a dev trying to be casually informative stinks it up for me. This could have been done in a much more mature manner imo.
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Thanks for posting. I own this module from day one and never touched it since, only to check if they achieved to finally fix it (never happened in years). I wonder how this could pass QA of ED. It should have never been allowed to leave early access in this state. In my opinion, it's an insult for helicopter simmers and the other DCS helicopter modules.
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Yes, but look how the devs reacted about those issues over the years. Mature? No.
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There are generally two types of development teams:
1. The team responds to user feedback and where applicable incorporates the feedback into the product when the feedback is accurate and relevant
2. The team regards any criticism (feedback) as a personal affront to their professional abilities and doubles down in order to justify product inadequacies and bugs

I fear Polychop is type two, VEAO was the same with the Hawk, some of the same arguments were used when the community criticised the flight model "we had real pilots" etc. etc. and we all know how the Hawk ended up. Although it could be argued the document provided by Evontroy goes a bit far, I would commend them for the amount of time they spent quantifying their arguments and concerns. I'm not a fan of singling out individuals for criticism in any organization as this can easily turn into a witch hunt and rarely ends in anything constructive. That the Gazelle module is not at the level of the other helo's in DCS should be obvious to anyone who is trying to look at this impartially. I hope Polychop can admit the product's shortcomings and do something about them, that would be the sign of a company who cares about quality, accuracy and its customers.
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Im not getting caught in this discussion again. Please ignore.

Last edited by YorZor; 09-24-2019 at 12:17 PM. Reason: Polychop will bitch about how we dare to communicate this anyway, what is the point.
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