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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post

What lot Super Hornets was chosen as a basis for the AI version that you are involved with developing?



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+1 build it, first day buy.
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First day buy for me also, no question.
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I would absolutely positively love a Foxtrot Rhino..I'd buy it on the first day and then three more times for friends!
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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post
Wait a minute is this the abandoned F/A-18E Super Hornet project? Or is this some kind of ED project in closed testing?

A pre-AESA E model Super Hornet would certainly be within the realm of possibility for Eagle Dynamics as systems wise they are very similar to an F/A-18C Lot 20 model. For reference I am talking about a Block I Super Hornet, they share 90% commonality with an F/A-18C Lot 20 Hornet systems wise.

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Dear ED..

With so many systems similarities with the Chuck and Rhino - i would hope that it would be fairly easy to produce a Rhino.

Now, what block? It would NOT be possible to replicate the APG-79AESA on the block II, and perhaps some other gadgets.

I don't think we need to be confined to an early block 1, because of that though.

What Im proposing is a "Hybrid" (which deviates from EDs established practice of simulating a specific block - even Lot. This "Hybrid" could give us all the Block II features we *can have - like Colour LCD DDIs etc and retain features like radar (APG-73) that were with lot 21, Block I.

EDIT - Proposal is for a LOT25 Rhino - Pre AESA, with the new displays etc. PERFECT.

This way - we can get the most realistic MODERN Rhino available, and it CAN represent a specific fleet bu no. (at a specific point in time).

As much as id love an "F" model, the additional programming would be astronomical - I frankly can't imagine 2 crew functioning well with so many shared controls. Id rather take the "E" .

ED- with Topgun Maverick around the corner - I can imaging piquing the interest of a wider audience - by announcing/releasing a Rhino around the same time. Without doubt - it would twitch the privates of a LOT of DCS users, being a more modern, more capable version of something that has become a DCS staple.

With the upcoming "Super Carrier" module - having additional naval modules would leverage of that development effort.

So how about it ED? Is a Rhino on the cards?

Cheers and love,


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I wouldn't buy it, the 18C is fat enough already for me but I would support its appearance for DCS
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Even though I have the F/A-18C, I would gladly purchase a F/A-18E.

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Default ED F/A-18E (Block I) Super Hornet.

With the advent of Top Gun 2 and the huge "fanbase" it will create, I think it would be a super smart idea (and business move) to create a Block I Super Hornet for DCS on ED's part and draw that audience in. A Block I Rhino basically has 90% of systems from the legacy Hornet with some small aircraft and weapon system differences. It would really be minimal effort for maximum profit and I do think most people would appreciate one. Just throwing it out there.
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If the aircraft is 90% same as legacy hornet, why would one buy it?
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