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Default The Hornet Release Day Anticipation Thread

Do we know at what time ?

Id like to know what day I am taking a day off.. wed, or thursday !

thanks a lot !
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Most releases have taken place around 10am EST; with the PG it was several hours earlier. It is anyone's guess.
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Afternoon-ish central european time.
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Originally Posted by FZG_Immel View Post

... taking a day off.. wed, or thursday !

With thursday you should be safe
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30th afternoon for sure.UTC time i guess.
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The change log on the 23rd was posted at 5:18am EDT, so I'm going off of that as a ballpark time.

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Originally Posted by USMC_Trev View Post
The change log on the 23rd was posted at 5:18am EDT, so I'm going off of that as a ballpark time.
The update on the 23rd was unusally early. Usally it's a few hours later (~14:00 GMT +/- 2h).
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And we're down to betting on the minute of the hour...
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I would like to know too when this is pushed to the stable channel. We have not seen an update for couple of months...
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I’m away for a business trip for four days the 31st. So I plan to fly as much as possible the 30th.
I’m really hoping for 10.00 CET, but they usually hit around 14.00 CET.
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