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Originally Posted by Kang View Post
Because DCS always crashes when you fly a Mi-26 lifting a CH-47 that is lifting a Mi-8 that is lifting a UH-1. Sometimes this sim is soo limited...

Oh and yeah why not a CH47 (seriously as long as it has rotors it's fine)
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There is always the ACH-47a gunship...
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I, personally, would not be all that excited by a Chinook module. However, from a developer standpoint, even an experience rotorcraft dev, I suspect it would be a completely new challenge. Perhaps it will show up one day but I am thinking that the flight dynamics of such an aircraft would entail a lot of ground breaking work as compared to any existing helicopter.
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It has the potential to really enhance ctld. Firstly, it is one of, if not the fastest helicopter in service. Secondly, it could potentially haul more stuff if allowed. Imagine setting up a Hawk or Kub at a distant location at twice the speed and half the trips!

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AND... it would be very interesting to dodge and evade ground threats with it's speed and flight dynamics.

Come on Belsimtek
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i think i don't need a ch-47, but it will be day one buy for me
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Only if they put my car into the game as well ...

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yep. great idea. thanks for the wish thread.
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+1 c-47 Chinook would be cool but i think Combined Arms with militarys must upgraded first! I think Heatblur gives the startsign with the forrestal crew!
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I'd definitely buy a Chinook module if there was one. Would so much rather a Mi-26 though instead. Really want an Mi-26 for DCS sooo much!
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chinook, helicopter

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