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Originally Posted by Top Jockey View Post
Well... be careful with those statements.

... or this guy at post #49 will come and make you admit, that the Rafale will fly light speed circles around the Typhoon.
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Originally Posted by Etirion View Post
There will be plenty things causing trouble for Typhoons in close combat, namely the pilots.
I really dont think you should interpret much of an early work in progress flight model from a single comment about how its a great aircraft in BFM.
Oh you're right. My statement was not precise, but i think you got me wrong. I'm not interpreting the wip FM, i'm interpreting the confirmed performance of the real aircraft. And i'm pretty sure if this will be modeled accurate, there will be no aircraft in DCS that can compete with the Typhoon in close combat. Especially in combo with the IRIS-T missile. I.e. the Typhoon won all combat tests in the 2005 Singapore evaluation, including a 3 vs 1 dogfight situation with a single Typhoon defeating 3 RSAF F-16's with ease. Assuming both pilots beeing similar skilled, the F-16 is no match for a Typhoon in close combat. I'm not a ace dogfighter in DCS, but i know a bit about BFM/ACM and can stand my ground in the Hornet and the F-16. Flying the Typhoon (armed with IRIS-T) into a head on head merge, i'd fire a fox 2 over my shoulder prior to the enemy starts turning into me. One or 2 circle fight, high or low altitude/speed... who cares when equipped with over-the-shoulder missiles? Splash one before the fight even started for the bad guy. Slipping into a dogfight facing a Typhoon, i'd try to gtfo of it as fast as i can. The typhoon is a great aircraft and i will definately purchase it at a reasonable developement stage... but we will see what this jet will do to PvP multiplayer in DCS...I'm sceptic.

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