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Originally Posted by eaglecash867 View Post
Yup. 2.5.3 is MUCH better performance-wise than 2.5.4 is. If it doesn't seem as good as you remember it, did you have the shaders mod installed before? It makes a HUGE difference in 2.5.3, and I found that running DCS with the default link that gets put on the desktop will always attempt to update to the latest version. Even when you deny the update, it still changes things, because the shaders mod ends up getting removed. Since finding that out, and not wanting to accidentally kill my 2.5.3 installation, I changed the link to point at the rundcs.exe file in the same directory, so now it doesn't try to update and the shaders mod stays intact. I agree with you about the anti-aliasing between the two versions. 2.5.4 does seem to have better anti-aliasing, but I think that's what's killing performance. Its like DCS is fighting with itself over anti-aliasing. I'm going to try forcing it completely off with the Nvidia settings and see if that makes a difference.

I've gone back to the shaders mod. Probably going to stay with it until someone can confirm things have improved 2.5.4 wise. Keep me posted!

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Tried forcing anti-aliasing off, and it made no difference at all...except for the video quality being lower in DCS. I think I may have found the major cause of the ghosting/stuttering, low performance in 2.5.4 though. Since the F-14B came out this weekend, I decided to go ahead and download it, knowing that it only works in 2.5.4 and above. Wasn't crazy about the idea of downloading a new module, since the latest version of DCS seems to be broken. To my surprise, the F-14B performance was smooth as glass. But that was a quick-start mission, taking off from Nellis AFB. So, I tried putting the F-14B in the mission that has been giving me all the problems with the A-10C. Again, smooth as glass. So, I switched the aircraft back to the A-10C, and it was smooth as glass. What I didn't realize is that the A-10C I switched over to was the bare-bones A-10C, without the configuration, armament, and sensors I had on the original mission. It had nothing on the wings. So, I loaded up the original mission, and this time during my ramp start, I kept the TGP, Mavericks, and CICU off. Took off, and it was smooth as glass. Turned all the other stuff back on while mid-flight, and the performance became so awful again that it started making me feel sick. Turned all of those things back off, mid-flight, and everything smoothed out again. I have my cockpit displays all the way down at 256 in the settings, but I'm not entirely convinced its the display coming from the TGP. I think its the TGP itself being warmed up and active. The reason I say that is that when I was shutting things down, the last thing to get turned off was the TGP, and the stuttering finally went away again. Not sure about what aircraft you're flying, Wolf, but those are my findings with the A-10C. The TGP seems to have some sort of issue with 2.5.4.
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Originally Posted by mcdaniels View Post
damn thing is, that I thought of that already... just reinstalled my hole machine yesterday and give it another try today. Strange -for me- that the CPU is only running at a load of 20%.

If it is the CPU, I am thinking of going to Intel, return the RTX 2080 and use my GTX 1070 again.

Is anyone here using AMD with VR?
I am using the Lenovo Explorer with Ryzen 2700. My system specs are in my signature. Using preset VR graphic settings and PD of 1.2, I generally get 45 fps flying around - lower on fields - more like 30 fps. I'm still playing around with Ryzen Master settings too. Lately I have been using its Game Mode, which disables 4 cores (leaving 4) and overclocking those to 3.6Ghz @1.325V. I'm not really keen to overclock and it hasn't made a huge difference that I can tell. I haven't tried MP yet - just flying around trying to learn the game and different aircraft.

My CPU is usually 13-30% utilized in game and the 1080 is pegged at 100%.

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Originally Posted by Wolf8312 View Post
MS is basically valves version of ASW motion smoothing.

We may be waiting a while for improvements, but we all want them.

I've gone back to version 2.53 and am getting much better performance. Still doesent seem as good as it was, but don't know if thats my imagination. At least now the same mission with MS on doesen't feel like I'm flying through liquid fabric. Does seem as if the graphics/aliasing are not quite as good as they were in 2.54 but again hard to know if thats my imagination! Maybe they got bumped up and degraded performance.

I think you'll drive yourself mad worrying about ghosting, its worse with ASW/MS on (though performance won't be as smooth) but I still get it some either way. It's just something I got used to to be honest and an unavoidable reality of VR/reprojection.

Hi, the point is, if i disable ASW when online, then I get judder at the Landscape (motionsickness). Just contacted DCS support a few days ago. Lets see if they respond.

Yesterday I flew at some kind of freeflightserver (online). It runs smooth for a few minutes. (only with ASW on). Suddenly I got horrible judder (with ASW on). I watched the load of GPU and CPU. Both are "chilled". Means CPU: 20% GPU: 56%.

So, it might be DCS, what causes all these troubles (if you are not at your rigs performancelimit).

Just tried IL2 BOS, which is doing better in VR, but I do not like the "sim".

THE REAL POINT IS: Whether I should return the Gforce RTX 2080 or not. It is not bringing THAT BOOST to VR.... :-(

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one short update:
just tried a few things in the sim (offline gameplay) now, having oculus debug tool performance monitor running too. The Framerate is at stable 90FPS, suddenly goes to 45 (with ASW OFF!) although there is no change on the screen and jumps back to 90FPS. Most time it runs with 90FPS. So offline its ok for me!

If I go online framerate is jumping from 75 to 45, never reaching 90FPS when I am standing on the ground and I get those blurry pictures of the scenery when fast moving, doing a roll etc. Why this is only happening online -> NO IDEA! This might be no oculusproblem, this is for sure a DCS problem.

I wonder what rig you need to get this smooth, at the moment I feel it ridiculous and unplayable -> ONLINE!

Seems like MP is a resourcehog....

Best sim -> worst VR at the moment!

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I am using a RTX 2080 coming from a Gforce GTX 1070. I had massive judder studder screentearing, especially online. Never reaching 90FPS (without ASW). With ASW I got ghosting when objects move fast.

Upgraded my GPU cause I thought the 1070 ist pretty often running at 100% load. BUT it did not help a bit. Online and offline -> nearly same troubles.

Overclocked my CPU and setted my RAM to the correct speed @ Bios.

Offline it gets a lot better (running without ASW)
Online -> same bad FPS drops, screen tearing,....


In the last instance I tried different NIC-drivers for my Intel NIC (original ones from the intelsite, not the one from the mainboardvendor).
Switched off IPv6 and QoS in the NIC-settings.
(unsure at the moment if it was the nicdriver, or the settings -> but it is running for me!)

Now running at 90FPS online
EDIT2: Not at the aerobatics server -> there the problem is still there!
Burning Skies is running at about 90FPS stable (did not do it before the "nicthing".

I am getting mad ...

AMD Ryzen 7 @ 4Ghz, 32GB RAM, SSD, Gforce RTX 2080 8GB.

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Default 2 x 2080ti in SLI for VR

Has anyone tried or seen a thread that may have seen someone try VR with two 2080Ti cards in SLI
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