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Default Very easy DIY aluminum Warthog extension

Since my wings are clipped at the moment I spend my spare time tinkering. I think I have come up with a very easy way to make a Warthog extension. All parts are easily available and need only very basic tools.
You can easily change the length of the extension by changing the aluminum tube.
No drilling, no machining, just cutting and sanding, as well as a rather pleasing design.

The main trick is that the Gardena hose adapters can be used to connect to 20mm aluminum tubing - it fits perfectly and forms a very strong connection.

Shout out to PeterP for inspiring some parts with his builds!

What you will need:

- Two of the good old trusty Gardena hose adapters. Better buy some spares since you may ruin one during cutting. If possible, get the old style adapters with the flat rings. Those are easier to cut.

- 20mm diameter aluminium tube

- M3 x20 screws and nuts, as well as epoxy resin


- Saw for metal and plastics


First, cut one of the rings so that you have one continuous thread without the stop. Cut away roughly 5mm. Sand afterwards.

Cut one side of one of the connector center pieces so that only 3-5mm thread remain. Make sure that the cut surface is smooth and level, this may take some time.

Now you can screw the ring onto the centerpiece. Make sure both are connected thightly. I recommend screwing it on so the cut side of the ring is towards the centerpiece.

If you want, you can use some glue to connect the ring to the centerpiece for an extra sturdy connection without creaking or squeaking. It does not seem absolutely neccessary to me though.

This centerpiece can now be screwed onto the Warthog base. Make sure not to use too much force when tightening the extension onto the base since you may break the articulation sphere in the WH!

Now for the part that goes towards the handle:

Take the second adapter and cut the thread on one side so that only about 5mm of thread remain, sand afterwards. Try screwing the handle onto the adapter now. The ring should fit tightly ond securely.

The handle will not sit securely on the adapter though, this is where the scres and nuts come into play.
Prepare 4 screws and screw a nut onto each, so that the screw portrudes 3 mm from the nut. Stick the screws now into the holes in the face of the adapter.
Use the epoxy resin to glue the nuts into place. Make sure that the screws can still be turned for adjustment.

If you have a 3d printer you may want to design a better solution for this, but the screw'n epoxy solution has worked quite well for me.

Adjust the screws to the neccessary length and you are good to go!

Now, just cut the aluminum pipe to the desired length and fix both adapters to it.

You will need to make your own cable though since the heads need to be small enough to fit into the adapters. Use 5-pole mini-DIN connectors.

It took me longer to compile this thread and take the images than building this.

Have fun and fly safely!
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