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Originally Posted by sSkullZnBoneZz View Post
Can someone give me some directions on how to save the LOD 3 in 1 file? For the life of me I can't get it to work right. I keep getting a black aircraft in model viewer.

Now I may be wrong on this, but as I understand it, the "LOD1 3 in 1" file acts only as a "mipmap" for when the aircraft is seen over a certain distance away, I don't think that it will be the cause of textures not showing in the model viewer.

Due to my lack of experience in the new skin format I didn't put a "LOD1 3 in 1" in my initial attempt at the F-14 and the skin showed up no problem in the model viewer and the game...until I zoomed out the in-game view of the aircraft and it suddenly reverted to the default "LOD1 3 in 1" and the VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" skin popped in. (However in the model viewer the "LOD1 3 in 1" did not come into use. I could zoom out as much as possible and nothing changed).

My experience of other aircraft skinning suggests that it is normally a syntax error either in the .LUA file or on the individual skin files that would cause textures to fail to render.

I would carefully go through the entries looking for spelling, spacing or punctuation errors and then make sure the names match the DDS files.

Hope that assists.

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Thanks for the replies guys, I figured it out. That Lod file has to be saved using the same parameters as the other files, not cross texture or what ever it is in the drop down when saving. I’ll come back to the thread when I get back in front of my computer and offersome details so others with similar issues can see what I did to get them working.
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over a week to get the paintkit out? makes me wonder what their texture artists were using this whole time for the skins..
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