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Default I'm very confused about something

DCS World is offered as a free download, but I can't use it or check out anything about it until I buy the terrain package for $50. Why not just charge $50 for the sim/game up front (including the terrain package) and be done with it? Then if I like it I can purchase other modules.

This really didn't seem honest to me folks. I thought I was getting something when I all I really got was bait to a purchase.

PS: I downloaded the non-steam version.
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Get the 1.5.2 version.

The 2.0.0 version uses the new terrain engine, and the free terrain is not available for it yet.

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You downloaded the wrong version (2.0 alpha). DL release version 1.5 and you get the free Black Sea map with it.

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Do yourself a huge favor and download via steam. DCS world with the default map comes with a SU-25t (fun plane) for free. DCS Nevada 2.0 will cost additional as well as other modules.
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Actually do yourself a favour and DON'T download it via Steam! You'll get updates sooner, new modules are available sooner, and it is just one less tier of software to run whenever you want to fly.

The situation with 2.0 is temporary as the Caucasus map is still to be adapted to work with a new graphics engine. The timeline for it's arrival is unknown, so you're right about needing to buy a map to make 2.0 work, but that is just an expediency to allow ED to get the new version out in Alpha.

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Yup, agree with suggestion of NOT getting from Steam.

Version you need to get is 1.5.2. That is current actual release. 2.0 is just a sort of open preview for people who have bought Nevada map, and free Caucasus map is still in process of being updated to newer terrain rendering engine, which, once happen, will pave the way to stable version being updated to 2.0.

So yeah, you install 1.5 version, and you will have free Caucasus terrain, free Su-25T attack aircraft (in FC3 level of fidelity without a clickable cocpit and advanced systems modeling but with advanced flight model and lots of weapons to play with), as well as free TF-51D training version of P-51D Mustang with a full systems modeling including clickable cockpit, top level flight modeling, but without any weapons.

2.0 Open alpha is really only released so that people who bought Nevada can fly it, but that is apparently confusing people .
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Thank you all so much for your quick response to my inquiry. It's obvious I'm brand new here and I have no idea what's going on but I look forward to learning.

Thanks again
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Originally Posted by dlw610 View Post
Thank you all so much for your quick response to my inquiry. It's obvious I'm brand new here and I have no idea what's going on but I look forward to learning.

Thanks again
It's always nice to see new people finding their way to this game.

Don't hesitate to ask if something is not clear or help is needed
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