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Hi mates!

After I enjoyed DCE so much in the Tomcat and the Viper I wanted to give it a try in the Mirage, while relearning her after some years. In both Mirage DCE Campaigns (Caucasus and PG) I always see the supporting SEAD Flights taking off and land emmediately. Observed this with Hornets taking off from the carrier as well as Vipers operating from an airfield.

additional info: I have much more time than I need to start the aircraft, take off and reach the "Join-Waypoint" where I'm supposed to meet escorting aircrafts. In the Tomcat/Viper it wasn't a problem at all to get there early and wait in an orbit. Perhaps now this causes problems?

In the Tomcat everything worked just fine. That was in fact before the last OpenBeta Update.
Any ideas?
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Do you use the "mission planner" before flying? If yes, then you have to stop, because it disturbs the aircraft's "start" trigers.
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Originally Posted by Miguel21 View Post
try these files

Backup the old files and add them to:
..\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Missions\EN\Campaigns\Hornet over PG\Scripts

worked 2nd rotation through easily. was able to choose both the first and 2nd flights which was a great addition to the menu i thoughht.
well done!
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Thanks to you, because, thanks to your request, I was able to find another way to offer MP, and in the future: we'll even be able to offer PVP thanks to you ^^.
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Does the Su-33 PG campaign still work with new updates?
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