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Originally Posted by Wags - ED Team

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet - Hornet Mini-Updates

Now that everyone is back from holiday, work has resumed in force on the Hornet. Here is a list of the tasks the team is currently working on for the next Open Beta release. Please note though that not all of these items may make the new Open Beta (a lot will depend on internal testing results):
  • The radar directed gun sight has been updated to make it much more stable and accurate. It feels like a new weapon! I plan to create a video on this soon.
  • AIM-9X and JHMCS tones have been corrected.
  • A lot of work is being put on the targeting pod pointing modes. This includes slave to CCIP and AUTO points and the slave to the velocity vector. This should greatly improve targeting with the pod.
  • Missile Rmax between the HUD and DDI have been adjusted.
  • We are adding the ability to mount the targeting pod on the station 4 cheek station. In order to do this correctly, we must first recreate the 3D model of the pod because the current model does not support this (cooling intake is on the wrong side of the pod).
  • Corrected the B-sweep line.
  • Added fly-out symbols for TWS mode.
  • Corrected menu freeze that could potentially happen with GPS weapons.

There will be more items and they will all be included in the change log.

Once this release is complete, we’ll talk about the next series of additions and changes.

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