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Default Which HOTAS??

Hi Newbee here , i am new to DCS and was wondering which HOTAS and Rudder pedals should i buy? Any advice would greatly be appreciated
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You‘re asking in the A-10 forum, so the answer is Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, of course. Rudder pedals MFG Crosswind. If you have even more money to spend get a better base for the Warthog stick from Virpil.
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If you're on a tight budget, the t-flight HOTAS X

If you're on a budget, but have some room to play, the t-16000m fcs.

If money is no object, the Warthog is about as good as it gets for flying A-10s. The new TPR pedals look pretty nice; MFG Crosswinds are also an excellent choice.
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Warthog is as good as it gets button mapping/layout wise. The stick base and gimbal is however pretty so-so compared to other brands, so if you have a large budget I would by a TM WH HOTAS-set, unscrew the A-10-grip, throw the base out (or go through some hoops buying only the throttle and grip) and then go for a Virpil T-50 base. A-10 grip fits without any adapters and is miles and miles and miles ahead of the TM base.
VKB has a few bases as an option too if you live in a region where they are available (which in reality means not Europe) but needs an adapter to fit the A-10 grip.
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I have four flight rigs at my place including a full vr cockpit (hey we are a flying family for decades). I dont know your budget but will cover a few rigs superficially.

I agree with others, Warthog is the way to go, esp for the A10c. I have two of them and they are great. (We have four full blown flight setups at my place)

I have three sets of rudder pedals. I prefer the Saitek pro Pedals. Comfortable, adjustable, sturdy and a good width apart. I also have a set of Crosswind pedals, which are more expensive, but other than being able to say you have a pair of them, (they look cool, are way more expense etc) offer no serious functional difference over the Saiteks.) We also have some CH pro pedals around here which are reliable (and a little cheaper) but dont have adjustable tension, to suit the flyers taste as the others above. They are also are somewhat narrowly spaced

We have two VKB sticks, the MCG Pro. They are two very nice sticks, if you are only doing WW2 flying the KGB is fine, modern flying with all the additional hotas controls requirements is best suited to the MCG Pro. They have a lighter throw to them but feel very precise.

We have a number of Saitek throttle quadrants which are good esp for general aviation or WW2 stuff. I the past I had a full CH pro fighter set up which served me well for many years. My kids used the Thrustmaster HOTAS X which is a good introductory price HOTAS but ultimately, they all moved on from there The Thrustmaster T1000 with the hall sensors is an accurate reliable and good stick as well, but with less switches and hats, has limited utility to modern AC like the A10.

Our rigs are kitted out as such:
Main VR Rig: Thrustmaster Warthog set up, Saitek por pedals. Thrustmaster MFDs (with displays behind them), Custom made cockpit panel and powered by Arduino, and HTC VIVE. (And TIR for non VR)

Secondary flight rig (Guest/ backup/ travel): Thrustmaster Warthog throttle, VKB MCG Pro stick, crosswind pedals, VR insights panel, TIR, another set of TM MFDs with a box set up for travel with working displays. (I replaced my warthog stck here w the MCG Pro and am trying it out for a year)

Youngest sons rig: VKB KGB stick, Saitek quadrant, Komodo helicopter collective, CH Pro pedals, TiR, some various GoFlight panels.

Other sons rig we put together as needed but bolted to his area are: Saitek throttle quadrant. Then we have a Saitek General aviation yoke or a thrustmaster t.1000 as needed, TIR, and Saitek pro pedals.

Piled up in a box for use as needed: a couple TM Hotas X, more CH Pro pedals, fighter stick and fighter throttle, more Saitek Quadrants, TM F16 Viper Quadrant and stick, More MFDs,more Go Pro stuff, Saitek control gauges. It’s a flight sim jungle over here.

With lots of experience with all this stuff, and your query re A10c, I recommend the Warthog, HOTAS if you can afford it.

However at the end of the day the Set up that is best for you is the one you get used to and are comfortable with. Cheers.
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I've never had anything other the CH Products gear. My first set lasted 12 years at which point one of the breaks on the pedals stop working. I passed on my whole set up to a buddy who was just getting into DCS and then replaced my old stick, throttle, and pedals with the same. Their throttles require regular software calibration but they work great and have been extremely reliable. Entire set up (CH Pro Throttle, Fighterstick, and Pedals) should run about $400 if you buy from Amazon. The 'fighterstick' is a replica of the F-16 / A-10C stick.
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Saitek/Logitech X52 and X52 pro are popular budget options that many folks have created A10c profiles for here. You will also get pretty good support in the forums if you run into issues setting it up. I have not had any problems with mine. This is not the same level of fidelity that the TM Warthog has.

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I'll just add re: the Saitek pedals the build quality is exceedingly poor for the price point in my opinion. Both toebrakes on my own set failed within 2 years (the left pedal died after only three months) and almost everyone I know has had the same experience with them. I'd advise against those.
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I've had a set of Saitek pedals for at least 8 years now. No problems here at all.

I'll add my vote for the HOTAS Warthog for the stick and throttle. Solid construction, and the DCS A-10C manual is geared toward it, so its the easiest to integrate.
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To be honest as the A-10C is the most modern aircraft (upgrade) in DCS, it does have the best HOTAS layout and intuitive systems.

So that would mean, that its HOTAS would be the most versatile one you can get. The only thing it is missing is the afterburner detentes, but I heard there are mods for it.

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