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Default Looking for a DCS WWII MP Dogfight?

Check out the Blue Flag Normandy Server.

I’ve been on servers where people complain that they “can’t find the action” and I’ve seen pilots text chatting to each other, “meet me at ‘x’ and alt ‘z’ and we can dogfight”.

On a Blue Flag Normandy server with pilots on both sides, this would never be an issue, even if there was only one pilot on either side.

This is not because it is an “air quake” server. The reason this would not be an issue is due to the way the blue flag server missions are set up.
  1. The server mission has a clear, achievable victory condition.
  2. The victory condition is met when all the objective assets are in the possession of one side or the other
  3. Which assets are objectives is clear
  4. The mission is persistent and dynamic
    1. Objective assets can and do change hands multiple times during a mission
    2. Mission does not end until one side has won
  5. Defending or attacking these objective assets organically will tend toward pilot to pilot engagements without a mindless, and pointless “airquake” scenario
  6. What objective is being attacked can be ascertained by various methods
    1. The website
    2. In game F10 “PAK” info
    3. In game server messages (these are really spare and generally only are sent when an action is initiative and are not persistent)
      1. For example, when an asset is first attacked the server will alert the defending side once at the initial attack, then not again.

There is a little bit of a learning curve but, I have provided a breakdown here:
  1. There are zones called "PAK". Each of these zones have capturable objectives that belong to one side or the other. Use the F10 menu to get updates on the status of each of the objectives in each of these zones (you can also get an easy quick view of the map with the states of the objectives on the website)
  2. Every objective (whether town or airbase or airbase/town combo, etc) has a certain amount of destroyable targets (along with various static objects that are not destroyable; it becomes apparent fairly quickly which objects should be engaged and which should be ignored). These targets consist of AAA, flak, barracks, trucks, T-Shaped buildings, tanks, halftraks and towers.
  3. As these targets are destroyed, the objective's "health" decreases. As long as the objective is "open" it will slowly "repair" (destroyed targets will be replaced)
  4. When almost all the targets within the objective have been destroyed, the objective will "close". I'm pretty sure at this time the objective will no longer repair
  5. When all the engageable targets within the objective are destroyed, the objective will go neutral and become captureable
  6. Now you must deliver troops to capture the objective (turn it from neutral to your side) This is done by delivering troops using a TF51 (whether you are axis or allied). To deliver troops using the TF51:
    1. Spawn in a TF51
    2. Access the F10 menu and Select CDTL (or whatever it is)
    3. Find Troop Transport and load troops
    4. Fly to the objective and land
    5. Once landed, unload the troops in the same way you loaded them
    After the troops have been unloaded the objective will switch from neutral to your side but will be closed
  7. To open the objective a TF51 must used to deliver a repair crate (side note, all logistical items, crates, troops etc, must come from open objectives in your side's control) to deliver a repair crate:
    1. Spawn in a TF51
    2. Access the F10 menu and Select CDTL (or whatever it is)
    3. Find logistical crates and select "repair crate"
    4. A crate will be delivered. You must load this crate. Use the F10/CTDL/Crate commands (or something like that) to load it
    5. Fly to the objective and land
    6. Unload the crate in the same way you loaded it.
    After the crate has been uloaded, the objective will reopen and begin to repair
-NOTE: Items 6 and 7 may have some errors. I am at work "working" and I am writing this from memory so I can not verify the correct exact steps but the gist is correct. When I get home, I'll double check and update/edit as required.-

There is a bit more to it, but this is the basic idea on what is going on as of today, 24 April, 2020

And slayer has provided a more detailed and comprehensive break down here:
https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269779 (google translate will translate nicely on the forums)

Visit here for more info:

Hope to see you on the server. Axis pilots are especially needed at the moment.
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