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Default 500 Missions for the Bf-109

Hi everyone, long story short I made a thing that made 500 missions for the 109.

The long story is here:


This could be an interesting flight!

The 'Interesting Flights' system is a generator of sort-of-random missions aimed at making sure you never have to fly the same mission twice. They are interesting because you don't know what's going to happen in them. Every mission is different. The flight plan for each mission is generated just for that mission. There is no combat but there IS scoring.

The flight plan is complete, well annotated, and can be found on your kneeboard.

Below you will find the download link, there are 100 missions in the 'annotated' directory. Their filename gives you some clues about what will happen during the mission (format explained in the post linked above). There are 400 missions in the 'interesting' directory, they don't tell you anything except their difficulty.

The message linked above explains the system, its goals, and what you will find in each mission. It's fairly long! I hope you enjoy it.

Mission Briefing

Look at the weather forecast on your kneeboard, then checkout the flight plan details.

The aim of these missions is to get the aircraft safely back on the ground, sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, sometimes you shouldn't even fly.

You'll get a higher score if you meet the take off and landing times shown in your flight plan. Down to the second.

Make sure there isn't anything wrong with your aircraft during startup.

You are not supposed to complete all the 'Interesting Flights', for many, you shouldn't even take off! A lot of the higher numbered flights are just not safe.

Make sure the weather and your aircraft are suitable. If not, download another flight. Or download a bunch of them in the first place so you can go trough them quickly.
There are plenty there, no reason to ever fly one twice. So don't, they are a lot more fun if you don't know what's going to happen.

During the flight you can use the 'F10' radio menu to find out:
  • Your score for the mission so far.
  • What you are expected to do next.
  • Get a helping hand by seeing your ground speed and the elapsed mission time down to the second.

You will not experience or see any combat during this flight.
'Interesting Flights' uses the MOOSE scripting framework and Open Maps.


Please read the thread linked above if you don't know what this is all about! You can download the missions from a shared DropBox folder here:

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'Interesting Missions' Bf-109 implementation details

The generator is mostly about cross-country flying in challenging conditions. However, the equipment available to the 109 pilot in DCS can make this very challenging.

For starters the FuG-16ZY radio only has four channels available, and they are used for both communications and direction finding.

Most of the flights the generator makes have three or four waypoints so that doesn't seem so bad.

The first is always set to your flight frequency (you want to talk to them right?), so that leaves three.

You need to speak to the departure airfield, so we'll use the second channel for that.
You need to speak to your destination airfield, so we have to use the fourth channel for THAT.

That leaves one channel left for way point radio navigation.

Not that it matters because the homing device on the 109 only works when the channel you are tuned to is transmitting, so they have to be airbase frequencies.

Carrying out the plan

In the 109 you'll need to use some honest-to-goodness dead reckoning navigation.

Thankfully your flight plan is accurate, you can get your TAS (well, ground speed, which is what the flight plan uses) from your radio menu and the 109 has a stop watch.

So if you stick to the speed on the flight plan, the timings will be accurate. If you use the stopwatch to time your flight legs you should get fairly close to your destination.

I haven't taken wind into account so far. Most of these flights are short (mission start to landing should take 40 minutes on average) so you can guesstimate a wind correction if you want to get more accurate.

In the 'Interesting Missions' generator wind gets stronger and more easterly with altitude.

The flight time is calculated to be the transit time if you follow the waypoints exactly, PLUS ten minutes. So a typical flight profile would look like this:
  • Spend ten minutes getting the aircraft ready, tested, and at the threshold.
  • Five minutes in-flight getting some altitude and getting the speed up to cruising speed.
  • Follow the flight plan speeds to get to the destination, typically around 20 minutes.
  • Five minutes getting the aircraft slowed down, configured for landing, and on the runway.

On the final leg you should get the tower talking to you so you can home in on their signal.
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This is great and very much appreciated. Do you have this same thing for the Nevada map?
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Thank you!

I don't own the Nevada map so I can't make missions for it.

I don't own all the aircraft either but I can get people to send me template missions for them so it's ok.

With the maps though there is a lot more work involved in getting them into the generator so I really have to do the work myself.
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Thanks! (my "other" favorite module).

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Hope you enjoy it.
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Hi everyone, I've updated the missions with more interesting weather, more navigation help, another airport and less strict scoring.

Details here : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...7&postcount=96
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Ah, this should be redone for Normandy.

I flew several of the Mig 15 missions and it was a great concept.
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With F10 map with map only, this should be interesting.

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