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Default F-15 Joystick curvature w/ TrustM. T. 16000m FCS

Just bought this stick and throttle combo and I need a little help with the values I should enter. I know it's a matter of preference but all I need is a starting point from any of you, then I can tweak it to my liking. The default settings are not realistic. Any help will be appreciated.
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I have that setup, 15-20 in pitch works for me for basically every plane in game, F-15 included. 20-25 in Yaw assuming you're using the stick twist not the throttle paddles, and no curvature in roll.

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I set up throttle as slider with a little curve to facilitate low % handling eg in formation flying and to push AB to the end of the scale. Might stick some velcro tape in the groove to get a tactile indication of AB at some point. TDC slew I reduce Y saturation, trying to flatten out the curve, still working on that.

Rudder needs a lot of curve with max Y sat, like 30%. Even then you have to be lined up perfectly on takeoff. Hold the nose off the runway as long as you can when landing. Keep your eyes on the end of the runway. Even then it's kinda twitchy. You get used to it, sort of.

Stick, I dunno. I have a little curve like 10-15%, YMMV. Personally I don't think it needs much if any curve.

Everything needs a dead zone of about 4%, helps the autopilot and keeps TDC from jumping around.

Not a bad rig but it needs more buttons. Having a modifier helps a lot. Still need more buttons. Used a USB keypad for a while, now I'm using a gaming mouse with programmable buttons.

On my mouse, I have comm menu mapped to a button. Middle mouse button calls up kneepad, scroll right and left toggle thru pages. I also have flaps and gear mapped to mouse buttons but I think I like it better mapping those to HOTAS with the modifier. So the toggle switch controls speed brake, with modifier it controls flaps. Button 1 controls ECM, with modifier it controls gear. (I fly in VR so messing with the keyboard is a PIA. )

I map HUD to the hat switch. Note you can squeeze more functions out of the hat switch if you use a shift pattern. Forward is nav, up is bvr, down is guns, back and up is next waypoint, back and down is prior waypoint. Radar modes to the 4-way below that. Forward is TWS toggle, up is vertical scan, back is boresight, down is radar on/off. The bottom 4-way: forward chaff, rear flare, up and down control simple radio comms.

On the stick, I map autopilot on, autopilot off, and jettison to the top three buttons using modifier. Otherwise its NWS toggle, weapon select, weapon release. On the right side of the base I have startup and shutdown (canopy, power, engines on/off). On the left I have lights and stuff. HUD toggle (easier to cycle thru HUD colors than to deal with brightness controls). If you use a center stick I suppose it's easier to map gear and flaps to the base but I like a side stick.

You can map radar range to the slider on the stick but it's easier to slew the TDS. Run it off the top of the screen and it increases radar range; off the bottom and it decreases it. To flip from WVR to BVR, snick the hat switch up to BVR, adjust range with TDC slew, adjust radar elevation with pinky wheel, ready to kill MIGs.
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