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Originally Posted by Tenkom View Post
Thanks for the suggestion . I did look into that . I was put off by the ministick not being axes , and by quality concerns . All of which is not to say that i am ungrateful for the suggestion . Quite the contrary , as i will be ordering the Rift next week , i have got to get things in order and welcome all input .
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16's better
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Originally Posted by steele6 View Post
Have any of you just sat back and appreciated how user friendly the F/A 18C is compared to a steam gauge cockpit or older generation combat aircraft? Is it just me, being a millennial that finds the UFC and DDI’s revolutionary, simple and intuitive.

In the A10C for example, to change the radio channel we have to look down, find the right switches, rotate them, etc, now, in the F18, we just select the radio, enter into the frequency we want and enter it in! pronto! Same for Tacan, in front of us.

You lose so much Situational awareness digging around in your cockpit for the right switch for this or that, its so clever how the F18 puts almost everything right in front of your nose whilst still enabling you to keep an eye out of the plane.
The only negative I can think of is if you take a round through a crystal display from AAA then all those functions are lost, compared to only one steam gauge being hit. But maybe this isn’t a concern?

Perhaps a modern AAA round wouldn’t leave a small hole and would rather be the end of the plane if it went through the cockpit.

Totaly agree with you, got to say the Hornet is my fav bird ever. My only regret, the Hornet module wasn't released back then in 2015 when i went to the Airshow i was able to sit down ina Hornet, god knows how i woudl had paid much attention and look around to feel the real vs VR feeling.

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