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Regarding the deep penetration 8 hour flights - heavies were also used to soften up the transport hubs and troop concentrations, fortifications etc just behind the Pas de Calais and Normandy coasts.

We already have the Normandy map, and there were plenty of short-range missions, so the long-range argument falls down pretty quickly when you do your homework. There is also the extreme altitude aspect, where a map could have detailed airbases and country around them, low detailed transit routes, and detailed targets set as far apart as you would wish, but including the contemporary navaids. That wouldn't be any more difficult to achieve than the small area maps with high detail. Throw in a few detailed airbases for the fighters to operate out of, and you have a solution to the long-range mission question too.

If you ask me, a study-level heavy bomber would be a market beater, and something a lot of people would want - especially if there was the ability to hop into any crew position or have a complete multiplayer multi-crew experience.

Of course, it won't please the fighter fraternity, and they could demonstrate their disgust by shooting the heavies down - so they'd be happy too - unless the multi-crew gunners spoiled their day - so they would also be happy. What exactly is the issue apart from the technical hurdles that ED would have to wrestle with for the next few years to make this dream a reality?

It may, of course, be marketed as a stand-alone simulator. That's up to the developers of course.
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+1 Well put Neil
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Originally Posted by oscar19681 View Post
What are the chances of ever getting a flyable B-17G by ED or a third party developer?
I mean the DCS B-17 has So much potential and looks absolutly gorgious!
Plus the fact that not a single flight Sim has ever put any efford in featuring the Fortress since (at least not at a combatsim level) B-17 The mighty eight ( which is about 20 years old by now)
For Some reason nobody wants to take on the challange to make a realistic B-17 Sim for So Many years and fighters and other aircraft are allways favourd over the Fortress.
Its such a shame since historicly B-17 raids still dominanted the biggest part of the U.s europian airwar.
Plus the fact that maybe a mult crewed B-17 would make such a more interessting and fresh New experience in itself.
I'd say next to none, but if it did happen, I'd buy it, @ full price !
(ASM only though)

Originally Posted by Hawkeye60 View Post
Markindel did create a B-17 mod.
There is a flyable version.
I know this is not what you want, or are asking about,
But with a bit of effort, a custom cockpit could be created.

The FM could be adjusted.

Mario has done it.

That would be a huge undertaking, if of the same quality as the A-4 mod,
but, as you said, it is possible.
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