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Really like the walkman in the cat.
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Although I prepurchased as soon as it was possible, I also sent some $€s to Meteor. Not many, as I am currently out of a job, but a little appreciation is due
And also paying for the one or other dude who digs his music but is also broke.

Originally Posted by LC34 View Post
Was hoping to have the "this is war" remix by meteor from the trailer of the same name. I liked that track
That's one of the few tracks (if not the only one?) that isn't made by Meteor.

Artist: Matthew Raetzel
This Is War (feat. Richard Farrell)
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Was all too happy to send him some cash for this one as well.

Also, the album dropped on Spotify today. As bandcamp doesn't play nice with Android auto yet, it's a nice way to listen to it on the go. =D
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Originally Posted by dawgie79 View Post
Really like the walkman in the cat.
Dammit, I keep forgetting to try it out!!
Remind me tomorrow will you?
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Credit to the author, its an excellent package that brilliantly fits the aircraft. It also fits very neatly back to back with 'Danger Zone' which is now also on the walkman.
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I don't know if anyone from Meteor reads these forums...but if you do, incredible work!!!!! The entire album is perfect for the Tomcat and really adds to the whole experience. I love this type of music and you guys really hit it out of the park! Thank you!
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Man, I love the soundtrack!!! every single one!!!
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