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I also find the 135 a little more of a challenge due to the angle of the wing but its just a matter of getting used to it
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Another frustrating session. I am struggling, every time I get close to the basket the aircraft pitches up or down no matter if I am trimmed properly. I,m not able to put in any pitch/roll without going into PIO and having to back off.

3 days of trying, my arm hurts and I really wish there was an "easy mode" as this is the only thing I cant do well enough. Got a few 3 wires, dropped some bombs etc

I feel like I cant continue without being able to do AAR as its such a fundamental part of Carrier base aircraft.
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Haha, so even though my first go at this went very well, I went to do it again yesterday and struggled like mad.

Visibility is tough with the canopy bow where it is, and the new jet wash certainly adds a new element.

Gotta keep practicing!
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Originally Posted by Phoenix_VMF257 View Post
Boss: Come on! I seen this before.

Pilot: I almost lost it out their....I got a wife and two kids.

Toss wings on desk.
There their they're it'll be ok

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Well my first go at the tanker was not great, was able to hold speed and position with the tanker despite the lack of a really functional HUD but was just ‘teasing the basket’ as Jester kept reminding me.

Still was a first go. The prop wash added to the challenge though to be honest once you are close enough to be cleared for contact it isn’t much of an issue.
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What controls is everyone using?

I couldn't refuel more than a couple of seconds, if that, with my old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. I use the Thrustmaster Wathog HOTAS and T-Flight rudder pedals mounted to Monstertech center desk mounts now and I have no issues. With just a little bit of practice thrown in, I'm able to refuel all planes in DCS with no issues. No fiddling with curves or other settings with this setup, nothing.

I will say I did have to put the wing sweep into "bomb mode" for the F-14 in order to refuel it though.
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Using a Warthog stick with VKB gimbal here, no extension.

While the VKB gimbal helps, even it has some stiction, and it's a desktop model with no extension, so the equipment is not the major difference.

I generally put the bird in "bomb mode" - reason being it's an easy way to sweep the wings and disable the slats all in one go. That prevents the unexpected pitch moments.

Once you hook up, push forward a bit to get some slack in the line, and then keep vigilant with the throttle and trim. As you take on fuel, you will get heavier and start drifting back and low. A bump of trim here and there helps.

Most important - BREATHE. Let the tension out and don't hold a death grip.
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Fly it like you’re flaring small plane for landing. You’re keeping the plane up with back stick pressure but you would not push to pitch down just relax a bit and it would pitch down very slightly.
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Originally Posted by beppe_goodoldrebel View Post
, added to this poor front visibility makes me mad.

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How proficient are any of you at formation flying? I used to suck at AAR too, until I spent a lot of time on the AerobaticsOnline Server.

1. You don't need to know what speed you're going or anything happening on your instruments for that matter. Your head is always focused on your lead. The shape of the plane will also not bother you as much.

2. The other thing you are going to learn is very small inputs so you don't yoyo around. On my, oh-so-terrible, X-55 I don't even get into the spring area to make corrections, which is probably 1/32" movements

Now the biggest other contributor is a VR set. Sorry, but without depth perception you are going to have a hard time chasing baskets. I know people like to argue against VR sets for various reasons, but depth perception is the single biggest reason I refuse to go back to a flat screen.
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