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here it is only 5 minutes of fligh inside a F14

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I'm checking how far I can go without the need to open the manua or watching tutorials or checklistsl.
It can be labeled as foolish but I approach every plane this way first.
The only thing I did was to read most of the buttons and levers and watch how they worked before I actually took flight.

So far I can:
- Start from the carrier
- Land on the carrier
- Shoot down planes with AIM-9 and Guns

So the very basics should be doable without much training.

The folks who come from hardcore WWII Sim enviroments adapt pretty quick to the "hands on" or rather "stick and rudder" attitude of the cat.

Here is my first landing (0 tries before, a single go around to check descent rate)

I know it's shitty but it's supposed to be
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Dino Might
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I need to start up shadowplay again. Caught an OK 3-wire today! Flew center ball all the way in without any drift. I got super lucky. Also, DLC is the tops! Only problem was being a little long in the groove.

Now I'm calling it... my next landing attempt is into the round down or the island.
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Originally Posted by BoneDust View Post
Here's a view from the back for one of our guys first attempts. The pilot movements are amazing. Great job Heat Blur!!

Just wow the view from the rear seat is life like whether it's u looking around an side to side too seeing the pilots movent...just wow WTG Heatblur, I sure hope this MC opens the door for the other planned MC modules that hav'nt gotten theres yet htt hmm Huey
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My very first carrier landing ended in a 2 wire with a broken landing gear. Hahaha.

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I forgot to record my first attempt, whoops.

I think I caught the 3 wire, but my approach was very messy. Not a good pass.

I think that pretty much sums up how I see others getting on with it too: easier to catch the wires than the Hornet, but the rest of the pass is quite a bit harder.
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Sorry...but I had to put in "The Landing" from "First Man." It was too perfect xD
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After spending most of yesterday trying to land on tarmac , i landed on a carrier first time on a 3 wire last night and straight after a 1 wire. sorry didnt record them.
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My first attempt was a three wire. I was super long and way right turning into the groove. But I managed to get it sorted and got on course and glide slope in the last quarter mile and caught a very lucky 3.
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