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View Poll Results: Which aircraft are you most interested in?
Republic P-47D-28 Thunderbolt 93 13.68%
Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX 81 11.91%
Messerschmitt Bf-109K-4 38 5.59%
Hawker Typhoon IB 40 5.88%
Focke Wulf FW.190A-5 33 4.85%
Douglas A-26B-15 Invader 22 3.24%
Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 85 12.50%
Lockheed P-38J-15 Lightning 110 16.18%
de Havilland Mosquito FB.VI 51 7.50%
Boeing B-17 127 18.68%
Voters: 680. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Which aircraft are you most interested in?

Perhaps it would help if the developers would know which aircraft their customers would want the most. Luthier has already said that they are considering making changes to satisfy demand and very obviously they are listening to us. Instead of scattered opinions, let's give them some numbers to crunch.

Vote for the aircraft you would want to fly the most of those listed in Kickstarter (not including ED's planes). Then list them in a descending order in this thread.

Please don't ask here for any aircraft not listed by RRG because they have chosen them according to the documentation available for making a DCS level simulation.
I can only list 10 in a poll so I'll leave the Me 410 A and Ju-88 out from it but let's include them in our list.

My list would be:

1. Me 262A-1
2. Bf-109K-4
3. Spitfire Mk IX
4. Hawker Typhoon IB
5. A-26B-15
6. FW.190A-5
7. Me 410 A
8. Ju-88
9. P-47D-28
10. Mosquito FB.VI
11. P-38J-15
12. B-17
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Not that I really think it will change anything but here goes:

1. Spitfire Mk IX
2. Mosquito FB.VI
3. Bf-109K-4
4. FW.190A-5
5. Ju-88
6. Me 262A-1
7. Hawker Typhoon IB
8. P-38J-15
9. B-17
10. P-47D-28
11. A-26B-15
12. Me 410 A
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Good initiative!

My ordered list:

1. Hawker Typhoon IB
2. FW.190A-5
3. A-26B-15
4. B-17
5. P-47D-28
6. Me 410 A
7. Mosquito FB.VI
8. P-38J-15
9. Ju-88
10. Bf-109K-4
11. Spitfire Mk IX
12. Me 262A-1

My reasons are many and involve how many times I have flown them in other sims, usefulness for the scenario/balance, gut feeling and sex appeal...

EDIT - And we need an me but I never liked the K so that's why it's so low as I follow the thread rules

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The questions are too hard!
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My list :

1. B17G

and after i don't know exatly.

but you forgot the p51D and fw 190D

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I honestly cant just pick one up for the poll, but will try to make a list,even though Im really interested in flying most if not all of them.
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1. Spitfire Mk IX (a lot of potential variety here; Mk IXs featured two different wings, different styles of rudders, elevators and sights--what are we going to get?)
2. Focke-Wulf FW-190A-5 (actually, this is a bit earlier model than I would prefer; an A-8 would be preferable)
3. P-47D-28 Thunderbolt (without a glass jaw DM, particularly in the engine compartment if you please)
4. Bf 109K-4 (with a promise of a more common G variant)
5. Typhoon Mk Ib (absolutely overdue in a WWII combat sim)
6. P-38J-15 Lightning (the Lightning's cockpit was considered an ergonomic nightmare; people will be rushing to directly assign buttons or axes to avoid a clickable 'pit setup once it shows up)
7. Mosquito FB VI (I am not a fan of multicrewed aircraft being modeled for single player simulations; in my opinion, these should require a co-op setup with players filling at least the two or three most important crew positions)
8. Boeing B-17F/G (see my above comment; the Fortress demanded two pilots and a couple of auxiliary crewmen just to get off the ground and find a target)
9. Douglas A-26B (a fine aircraft, but I just can't get excited about it; the B-26 Marauder would be ever so much better for a WWII sim)

All this said, I would happily forego the last four in exchange for a razorback Mustang...P-51B/Cs with Malcolm hoods and the ammo feed fixed were generally considered better than the D model, especially at altitude; the last of these were still flying in combat in December of '44 and their pilots didn't give them up without a lot of fuss.


"Here's your new Mustangs boys--you can learn to fly 'em on the way to the target!" LTCOL Don Blakeslee, late February 1944
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Mike Busutil
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I am a big fan of the B-17, I completely respect the men who flew them into war...

I enjoy flying the A2A B-17 and would be willing to spend too much money for a DCS version of the B-17.


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+1 Mike Busutil
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