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This thread exists to provide accurate key binds to the Tomcat that were not, or are not currently, available upon HB's release. These are real life controls that where in the F-14B. This is not about binding controls to make things easier or convenient. The usefulness of this topic is primarily to Pit builders and those that use external switching controls.

There is no next/previous steer mode in the PDCP.

Trim (which is not an axis) and autopilot are already in the controls menu to be bound.

Like Winter said, HB has to add the rotary switch capability.
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Originally Posted by mariner3302 View Post
Trim (which is not an axis) and autopilot are already in the controls menu to be bound.
LOL, this was my advice to the user about how to handle his "problems", not a request for binding.
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Originally Posted by draconus View Post
trim or auto-pilot first
I know, it's not a big problem, but it would be nice to be able to spin a knob on my throttle base without removing my hand from the stick rather than grab the mouse.

Originally Posted by mariner3302
There is no next/previous steer mode in the PDCP.
I understand. HB already has a binding available for next and previous HUD mode. It would just be nice to also have that function for steer mode.
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Please please make a afterburner toggle switch, like the "finger lift" on the F-18.

Having the possibility to put the jet into full dry thrust is very important on a plane that is not allowed afterburners on takeoff, and needs all the thrust it can get on carrier takeoffs and carrier landing bolters.

The real plane has a physical barrier where you have to push the throttles sideways to get into afterburner.

It is highly needed. And add an option to NOT use it in the specials menu, so people with throttles set up with detents can still use those setups.

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top.
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I was adding RIO controls option to my Target profile and was surprised to find that the station select switches cannot be mapped as they're not provided in the controls!?

Also, I don't see VSL OFF position?

It's already annoying enough that no module assigns default keyboard mappings for all the controls, but to have missing controls six months from release is somewhat surprising.

Also, it's quite standard for rotary encoders to have an option to turn them forward and back between their initial and final position. That would be very helpful, rather than having to map a key for each position and then write special Target functions to navigate through them using forward and back controls.

Finally, I guess the two position switches should also have a toggle variant to swap between the two positions.

For the three or more position switches, it would be nice to have two controls which push them up or down through their positions (kind of like encoders). The if else options provided in the controls are only helpful for real three position switches where the command is pressed and held.

Are these binding suggestions taken into consideration at all? I see the first post has collected quite a set of suggestions.
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Something simple I'd like to see on the RIO side is a binding to start/stop/reset the stopwatch. This can be very useful for buddy lasing (see the guide linked in my sig), or for timing legs on a CAP circuit. This would be especially nice to map since the button isn't easy to see without performing TrackIR contortions.
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Can we add the key binding to ask Jestor to change FOV of the TCS? Sometimes I wish to change FOV to better ID contact a little bit far. But Jestor wouldn't do that automatically.

Also it is best if we can have separate binding for asking Jester to go P-STT and PD-STT. Because there's no feed back or indication whether we are currently in P-STT or PD-STT mode.
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I'd like to suggest adding in DDD range +/- keybinds for the RIO, since having to bind every individual range button is a pain in the ass.

And before someone says "but those don't exist in the real plane", in the real plane I'd just rest my hand on the panel and push the buttons. I need some abstraction to make flying in VR without a full sim pit a little easier.
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Question Smooth throttle and flaps

As stated in original post Ideas section.

Throttle Left/Right (Smooth)
Flaps Up/Down (Smooth)
Flaps Flight/TakeOff/Landing

How can I edit the lua file to make this happen?

Last edited by Scifer; 01-15-2020 at 08:45 PM. Reason: Flaps Flight/TakeOff/Landing
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Usable gears "down lock override" for completeness. (DCS Hornet has this function from day one.)
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