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Great stuff! Can't wait to get into this cockpit!!

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Originally Posted by uboats View Post
mi-24 is on hold
man that's sad to hear
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This is excellent news and I'm glad to see the official announcement. Creating the F-5E is a really smart move, when there has been much discussion of "mis-placed" aircraft released for DCS - the F-5E is probably the best placed module anyone could create at the moment.

It gives us a real opponent for the MiG-21 and it fits in perfectly to both NTTR and the Straight of Hormuz (the classic and still operational adversary aircraft for NTTR and simple strike-fighter for the IRIAF in the SoH).

It will also be an awesome sparring partner for both the F-14 and F/A-18, not to mention a relatively simple, but fun aircraft to fly.

Definitely a first day buy for me.

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Yeah 30mm would be the same as the A10...as fun as it would be having two of those on the F5
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Looks like BST stepped up their news output a bit, even though it's only happening on their website and not on the forums. But I'm happy about the F-5 announcement although it's no suprise

I also like the info on their current development plans for current modules in the update news from the 8th October on their website.
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No way!

an F-5?

Never saw that coming!

There were like... no hints at all.

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Excellent news!!!
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Seems we're getting further and further away from having an AH-1
Great news for the fixed wing fans, not so good for us rotary wing fans.
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Well I like both rotary and fixed wing. Looking forward to the Mig28! It probably wouldn't be my first choice depending on what's available and at the time of its release but I'll definitely be looking to get it on a sale at least.


Might I ask which Radar will we be getting in the F5E?
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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
man that's sad to hear
"24" project was frozen, but in early 2016 will unfreeze!)
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