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Default [REPORTED]Oil Pressure warming up issues

After 10 minutes of idling at 1000 rpm oil pressure/temp show minimal difference. Here is an example with the oil cooler shutters open, but with oil cooler closed results are no different.

Cold start mission.
Then appears to magically be within limits after a unknown amount of time passes. My gauges on an R1340 and R-985 don't work like that. So I doubt its a P-47 only feature, but hey who knows.

I imagine its just EA issues, nonetheless, still posted.

Edit- Does it have something to do with intercooler? I didn't see anything in startup checklist but I will test as well.
Edit2- Tested that as well, it seems around the magic 10 minute mark for a 1000 rpm warmup oil pressure goes to where it should be. I can't say for how long it should take a P-47 to warm up (one imagines not this long) but the instant transition is wrong in my experience.


And a streamable for easier review.
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The same issue. Tried today 4 times to start up and I cannot get oil pressure to normal operation in 3-5 minutes. Did exactly as instructions says, but no joy.

I think, there seems to be some kind of bug, as it stayed long time between 140-150 psi (used time forwarding), then it started to decrease a bit and then suddenly went up to 180-190 psi and magically dropped from there to 90-100 psi. Weird behavior!
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I find mine warms up in about 3 min consistently. Other than close the oil coolers the only thing that I do differently is your Turbo boost leaver is fully forward and I keep mine fully back as the manual warns you not to let it get ahead of the throttle.
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Originally Posted by 71st_AH Rob View Post
I find mine warms up in about 3 min consistently. Other than close the oil coolers the only thing that I do differently is your Turbo boost leaver is fully forward and I keep mine fully back as the manual warns you not to let it get ahead of the throttle.
Now THAT's something I'd like to see on a track, as you seem to be the first person on this forum to make that claim .

Not saying it can't happen, but we're trying to figure out what mission and control conditons are needed to make oil presssure and temps behave as expected.
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same issues. Engine damage mdel not implemented yet, so I guess the gauges are lite placeholders at the moment.

Even with oil cooler doors fully closed, oil temp remains at close to zero and pressure stays high. after several minutes, the oil pressure gauge will snap down to the green zone like flicking a switch and then thereafter you do get a small amount of control over the oil temperature, although the effect is pretty instantaneous with the position of the cooler door, not a steady rise or fall.

Likewise the cowl flaps do not work at cooling the engine as they should, just partially.

At the moment, I go through the motions, just to get the habit of checking the gauges and making adjustments, but do not allow the readings to affect my in mission decisions.
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Whew.....Just purchased the P-47. I started it up and waited....waited......waited. It flew just fine but those oil gauges never moved. Thought I was doing something wrong.
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The oil pressure gauge is bugged. It is increasing pressure instead of decreasing slowly. The devs need to make a sign change in the code. The P-51 has the correct behavior. I think the switch to green pressure was a quick workaround.

Figured out the problem after switching to the P-51 after trying out the P-47. The P-47 is too early in the EA for my taste.
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I am glad that other people have also noticed these sudden changes in the oil indicator.I noticed that the indicator remained very high and then suddenly went into place in the area considered normal.Afterwards after about half an hour of flight but also more 'the pressure value went up a lot, I thought it was connected to the fact that I was going down very quickly and the engine had dropped sharply abruptly. Suddenly the value went back to normal but I can't understand why.
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