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I don't have a problem with it if the module is completed to the promised level. Free graphical update to the H model with a paid upgrade to a N model? Sure. Paid upgrade to add multicrew and an RWR? The multicrew was part of the deal from the start and I don't care enough for an RWR. Unfortunately I don't see many upgrades they could do that wouldn't require a significant amount of work. The N model for example has two engines so that's a lot more system coding. They could upgrade it from the -13 to the -703 engine to make the super Huey but again I'm not sure the extra engine performance would justify a paid upgrade. Maybe just 5 dollars for the graphical update? It would probably be best just to make it free and keep selling them to new comers.
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Originally Posted by Jester986 View Post
Free graphical update to the H model with a paid upgrade to a N model?

Yeah, introducing a different version as a separate module is something else.
But I imagine there is also a lot cannibalisation.
Say you want a Focke-Wulf now. Then what do you buy? Dora or Anton? Buying both seems overkill to me. If you do want two German warbirds, then get one FW and the Messerschmidt. Unless you really don't know what to do with your money anymore...
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Twin Huey would have to be another full module, and a day one buy. But to just get the RWR, as it’s really all that’s missing, no. Multiplayer Multi crew needs to happen, and not as a paid addon. A jester like Ai would be great, with call outs from the crew, and the ability to set target prorties on the fly. Although I may be mistaken, but isn’t the left seater the AC commander? And let the AI take over the radio, and nav wile I fly the damn thing. Or even better have it fly the damn thing wile I melt shit with the mini guns. I don’t mean the way it is now, I mean the AI flying like any AI while the player can occupy one of the other positions. All of that I would pay $20 to $30 for. Shouldn’t have to but this is the real world, and even that kind of upgrade wouldn’t see a big enough spike in new sales to justify it.
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They are working on helicopter co pilot AI, you can see screenshots of the GUI on the Mi-24 threads
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No helicopters are the opposite of fixed wing seats so iirc the rt seat is the pic.
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Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
They are working on helicopter co pilot AI, you can see screenshots of the GUI on the Mi-24 threads
Well, the Huey does have an AI co pilot of sorts. Rudimentary as it might be.
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This is a good discussion topic. Will you pay for an upgrade/refresh of a product.

I started a thread a while back about the BlackShark being my most expensive module by far. I went from BS (stand-alone) to BS2 (upgrade) And now a full BS2 license. I was quite p-ssed at that.

However, I have had quite a bit of fun with the BlackShark over the years. And I realize that it is quite an investment by ED to keep patching/updating a module for years on end.

To put it into perspective Windows 7 release date for the general public was October 22nd, 2009. And the original BlackShark RU: 17 October 2008 EN: 10 December 2008.

Everything needs maintenance, your house and car for example, and in the case of our modules, the environment they are being used in changes continuously. New graphic options, lighting, everything really. So yes I will pay for an upgrade or even a maintenance release. I know it's not popular, but seeing the amount of work that goes into a module and the (remember!!) FREE DCS World it has to be paid for somehow. All this raises the followup question of how ED would charge us for all this work. Other studio's just release an updated version of their game. New engine, a few new maps, XXX3 becomes XXX4 with the full price again. Every 1 or 2 years. Take FIFA for example, it's up to version 20 already!
I don't really like the way ED is deciding how to get paid for updates to modules, but I don't know another way that's better.

So to get back on topic, Yes I will pay for a better/updated Huey.
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Some extra stuff for the legend. Don´t want to learn 10 new modules every year. Bring goodies for the established modules.
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This, like many polls on this forum, is too simplistic. It is like any of the "Would you like a new feature? : YES/NO" polls. Question aside, the issue is what are you prepared to delay/cancel in order to get this new feature? Whether a Huey update is paid or not, it is coming at the "price" of re-prioritising other DCS development.

I can think of lots of really nice things to add to the Huey (e.g. 3D models of any soldiers/medical/cargo being transported inside the helicopter). However, do I want that to come at the cost of a delay to, say, the Mi-24P? No thanks.
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For certain upgrades Yes. I would like to be able to add infantry in the back seats and be able to look round and see them. Vietnam era infantry would be excellent. Animated embarking and disembarking again would be a very positive update to the Huey. Decent water on the canopy effects that the wipers can effect. There’s a lot of potential in the Huey that could be developed in the future. But these are the sort of things I would be prepared to spend money on. From a purely VR perspective I don’t think I would see much gain from cockpit texture upgrades like you would if you use a monitor.

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