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Your solution is to not play vs AI. Don't even talk about the quality of the module, because except that it has the same name and looks, the AI plane has nothing to do with the module and what you get when you fly it.

It is far from being superior to the Sabre and although closely matched, ask any of the seasoned MiG and Sabre pilots, the Sabre is always the favorite to win.

Oh and the comment about ED being Russian.... hahah, I want you to say that to all the AMRAAM haters and fans of russian modern aircraft, don't think they share your opinion.

AI planes use a Simple Flight Model and unfortunately, there are a couple of AI planes which just over perform.

The AI MiG-15 is part of those planes, but honestly... it is not that bad.... Try fighting an AI F-5(which is not Russian), with you in a F-5 to compare and come back to me

To underline again.... AI planes do NOT equal the modules, that people fly and you will meet, if you go against other people in MP.

If you are playing against actual MiG-15s, you really wanna aim at the center of the aircraft, just a couple of well placed shots in the center and the MiG looses all its fuel, if you miss and hit it center-back... you get engine damage and/or control surfaces damage, if you miss center-forward, you can put holes into his canopy, kill the pilot or if at high altitude, put him trough rapid decompression, which will disorientate him. Shooting the wings, especially closer to the wingtips, deals close to no damage, if any, which is a known thing and it has been said to be improved with the new damage models.

Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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