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Default VEO Hawk

Hi guys is there anyway to make the hawk work in 2.5 seems a waist after buying it last year only now not to be able to use it unless I use and old version of dcs.
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Hi bartdude300

I am sorry the HAWK will only work with DCS World version 2.5.3 or below
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Ok thanks
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I dont have that module but why you need version 2.5.3 team end project?

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The VEAO-team disbanded and hence the Hawk is not getting maintained anymore to remain compatible with newer DCS versions.
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You got scammed by VEAO like everyone else, sorry.
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Originally Posted by ApoNOOB View Post
You got scammed by VEAO like everyone else, sorry.
Speak only for yourself, please, I purchased my Hawk on December 2014 for US$ 28 (30% discount at the time) and thus was able to use it for over 4 years.

I dont feel scammed at all, rather I feel sad that we lost a DCS 3rd party developer.
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I'm more upset that VEAO took their P-40F and Spitfire 14! I was really really looking forward to those aircraft.

DCS needs a WWII dedicated third party. At least Mag3 has stepped up, and OctopusG gave a prop from the get-go. There needs to be a bigger focus on prop aircraft.
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Let's let this die again, folks. Their questions were answered
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