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Brilliant read.......thanks for posting this
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An entertaining read. Thanks for bringing the Huey to us
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Great writeup of your experiences with the Huey. Was 'flying' there right along with you!! Glad to know the DCS' flight model is soo close to the real one.
Also appreciate 'flyer49's input; giving another source of feedback from the real world!! Makes me feel even better learning to fly the UH-1 in the sim first...
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As a new-ish DCS Huey pilot one question has been on my mind and your story has answered it beautifully. Thank you very much for the story and of course the fantastic DCS Huey.
It has made it feel less like a game and more worthy of the hours I spend flying my desk.
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Damn you mast bumping *shakes fist in the air*
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Awesome! I'm glad this happened. Even though we can not be in a real huey, at the controls, we got a faithful replica at the warmth of our homes, and thanks to input from Alex, we are lucky!

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Great story, thanks for sharing that.
What a blast it must've been, especially for someone trained on the other side of the iron curtain flying one type of machine then to experience something from the other side. Only wish you had this opportunity sooner and would've been great to get it before building the sim model (but I guess it's not too difficult to tweak the physics afterwards anyway).
I reckon it was a blast and an honor for the Dillon guys as well to have PilotMi8 fly with them.
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Thanks for sharing some of the background and yes your Huey is a pleasure to fly.
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Originally Posted by FragBum View Post
Thanks for sharing some of the background and yes your Huey is a pleasure to fly.
Thanks for bumping, a really good read.

Was wondering if the need for pedal input at cruise was removed on purpose for practicality / player 'comfort'. Can't imagine hour long flights at my desk pit with my foot jammed against the pedals.

I took a short hop in a bell ranger years ago and also noticed the pilot giving constant pedal input during level flight.
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