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The Dynamic DCS Persian Gulf Server is now LIVE! Eagle Dynamics have done a fantastic job with the detail and quality of the PG map. Part of our goal here at DDCS is to utilize as much of the map as possible, have players experience a busy flight deck, Anti-ship missions, and bring out the true potential of the AV-8B N/A.
Incase you never herd of the DDCS server. Here all of your work is saved and ground unit/locations. This is truly a war where everything you do matters. Players control the air and ground war bringing a unique experience to the DCS Multiplayer. To fly on this server look for |DDCS|Modern|PersianGulf|dynamicdcs.com in the server list and you will need to join our discord channel here. https://discord.gg/JmzkbWA

Mission Updates/Fixes:
• Added 4 x AV-8B Harriers for each team at Hajiabad_MOB, Sirjan_MOB, and the Neyriz_MOB. Each of these spawn on the flat area of the FARP for easy short take offs, watch out for the fuel and ammo trucks. These are intended to break up some of the distances to the northern airfields of Shiraz and Kerman and provide more action in the center of the map.
• Assigned unique callsigns to every player slot in the mission for easier AWACS radio use. F-14's are all in Dodge 1 flight so Fighter to Fighter datalink will work.
• Standardised radio frequencies have been assigned for all aircraft to match the intended SRS channels, check the briefing images.
• Fuel amounts have been adjusted across the entire mission to match Caucasus, any aircraft that previously spawned empty will spawn with at least 2% fuel to allow startup while talking to ground crew
• Player skins have been tweaked across the mission, notable changes are that the F/A-18C has the Israeli desert skin and the Red Su-25T now has a desert skin
• Awacs Fixes: Awacs will now follow the carrier, will spawn in more appropriate locations, corrected some bad spawn triggers.
• Carrier Added to Red side at the beachhead
• Added Khonj_MOB
• Added Fujairah Intl Airport as a new main base
• Added DP10-Tayyibah_FOB
• Moved aircraft into the rearm/refuel trigger zones on airfields.
• Added TF51 to all the MOBs and island neutral airbases including Bandar Lengeh
• Added C101CC/L39 to island neutral airbases including Bandar Lengeh
• LP/points now apply when using the carrier
• Added the Huey to the destroyers
• Internal crates now work off the Carrier. Destroyers will not have this option available.
• Fixed a neutral airbase not allowing you to spawn after capture.
• Fixed the Tacan not working at the beachhead carrier
• Added 1 x Blue F-15C to Lar airbase
• F10 map will now be at a good zoom level to view the entire map upon mission launch
• JSOW Cs are now removed from the map (Very long range TGP strike capability), the As are still in play, we will keep a close eye on this in the future
• Chinese HQ-7_LN_SP are now added to the spawn roll, will be added to f10 menu shortly
• All units are now set to "Hidden On Planner"
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Willing to give it a good try, but you'll need to unblock/unban me first.
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