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I got deja vu when reading this! This was a bug with one of the very early builds of the MiG after it released. I distinctly remember the issue. Unsure why an external program is bringing it back but I thought it had something to do with the PTT button in the virtual cockpit

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Yeah i get the same in the 18C, love VIACOM but only occurs with that running.

Happy to help with any fault fixing.
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I have also found that I had this same clicking sound while flying in the Harrier. One thing I noticed was it seemed to be causing the "growl" of the sidewinder/ sidearm to stop working unless you touched the volume knob that controls the sound for the SW/SA. Once you did that the "growl" would come back on but would go off again once the "click" would happen again. Very had to hear your missiles acquire and lock with the sound constantly being dropped. I was running a separate profile I made in Voice Attack for the Harrier and not the Viacom one. Once I disabled the plug in support and restarted VA the sound went away and the so far the "growl" has been uninterrupted. Going to post this to another forum post talking about Viacom pro and maybe it will get a fix.
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Did anyone figure this conflict out?

I can confirm it stops when voiceattack is closed, but starts as soon as it's opened. I really like VAICOM, but it sucks that this issue will keep me out of the MiG-21bis cockpit. Thanks for the help to whomever may have cracked this particular nut.
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