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Originally Posted by Sedlo View Post
Updated my CF-18 Red Flag mission.

times are wrong.
i join 08:08 and taxi (radiocall) 16:11?
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Times are not wrong. Aircraft and military are on Zulu time.

Originally Posted by maxxstv View Post
times are wrong.
i join 08:08 and taxi (radiocall) 16:11?
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Hey Procrastinator55, I was running the mission which is great but I cannot use my COMMS menu and was unable to link up with the tanker. Not sure if this is a problem on my end or the mission. All my key / stick bindings are the same and I'm running the single player mission. Any ideas?
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A mission from ED: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...&postcount=107
Probably you guys have already read that post, but I want to list it here for future readers.
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I have a number of Hornet missions that are Multiplayer PvE. I have them available on my Discord. Most of them can be flown alone, but they may prove a bit difficult. I have a few missions in the Caucasus as well as the PG.

I generate them on a weekly basis as I host an episode style campaign on Saturdays at 2:30 EST. I have 4 regular guys but I usually build the missions for up to 8. I also fly in the evenings (US Central Time) during the week so if you see me on discord and I have time I'll host/run one with you.

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F/A-18C Strike Fighter (Full mission version)


This is a remix of Wags' "Hornet Mission of the Week" - fleshed out to include a carrier start, additional briefing docs, additional ambient radio messages for the ingress, and a few small revisions. The "core" mission remains the same - fight your way into the AO, bomb the target, and get home in one piece.

This mission requires the Persian Gulf map (and the F/A-18C).

Ingress to target as briefed - push from WP2 at 1745L, maintain formation with your flight lead to the AO.

Destroy the SOC at waypoint 4, ref briefing images.

Multiple SA-6 SAM sites are situated in the Shiraz area. These will be targeted by the SEAD flight. Short-range air defenses in the target area include 23m AAA and SA-13 SAMs.

Return safely to the Stennis - ref briefing images for comms/beacon information.

Do let me know of any comments here or via private message - thanks for playing!
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New F/A-18C single player Persian Gulf mission Desert Eagle GBU. Original mission by Werewolf that I modified for LGB delivery, added some random features and voice messages. No mods used. Includes mission data card and flight plan. Enjoy. Download from User Files here:

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Excellent thread...
Current owner of DCS F/A-18C, A10C, F5E, FC3, BS2, CA.
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