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+1 for this. Seems odd that other aircraft (including FC3 aircraft) have it and the hornet doesn't.
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Originally Posted by Svsmokey View Post
Right . Forgot about bullseye...
You don't even need bullseye. The pilot can just read his BRAA to AWACS, just like people in DCS multiplayer do when there is a human AWACS/GCI.
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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IIRC, if the IFF is functional you can use it to interrogate the contact. It "should" sound like a honk if its not friendly.
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If declare appear in the AWACS menu is a thing, the other thing if it works.
Declane never worked for me in J-11A.
I heard a lot of promise.
Especially the waypoint and airport number display is missing for me in the MiG-29, since long years.
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