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Default Kursant campaign. Mission one..........Help?

Can any of you guys help me out? I apparently suck so bad that I broke my instructor. Repeatedly.

L-39 Kursant campaign, first mission? Seem to be having a devil of a time keeping it in the envelope that I'm supposed to. After repeating himself several times telling me to keep to my altitude during the first turn, Mr Instructor dude seems to just facepalm, give up and start repeating nothing but "Direction..........Direction......Direction......" (I picture him with his head in his hands gently rocking back and forth) until eventually tersely telling me that he never gave the order to turn right (when I haven't yet) and ending the mission so he can get out of the damned aircraft.

Can't say I really blame him to be brutally honest, but I'm still at a loss as to what he's asking for by repeating "Direction" at me?

Anyone else so bad at mission one that they know what I'm talking about?
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Default Kursant Campaign Mission 1

Try watching a few You Tube videos. May help.
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.........................so I missed the part of the video where he said "Direction." Apparently, it means "OK, done that. Next part."?

I really am a badly trimmed beard with an idiot attached to it.

Thanks guys
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help needed, kursant, l-39, newbie

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