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Sometimes, I'm finding it better to switch off MSI on RDR ATTK and rely on SA page and AWACS to get awareness on donor targets. Otherwise, I may spend time trying to lock up MSI tracks that are not lockable yet. Just bricks are so much easier to deal with. I'm also thinking AWACS tracks may disappear as the aircraft orbits depending on distance?
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I rarely disable MSI, as I find the increased SA indispensable. But since the AA radar is so bare-bones at the moment, disabling MSI is the only way of decluttering an area with lots of targets.

I often find that AWACS is not all-seeing, as sometimes I pick up targets it doesn't, for example due to the terrain or due to the fact that it might be far away and pick up a 2-ship flight as a single contact.
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Default Bumb Acquisition & Spotlight Mode

Thanks for the clarification guys. I've learned a bit more and look forward to continuing that process. That explanation of bump acquisition makes perfect sense, because I was sure that I had read somewhere that to activate bump acquisition when in STT, the SCS was pushed forward. So when I originally posted that and then read information pertaining to BVR/Upper function, I thought that I made a mistake when I then found the process described whereby the SCS is pushed toward the Attk Rdr display when in STT. So now it makes sense.

Sorry for my bad guess on spotlight, seemed logical at the time but I shouldn't have assumed that to be correct. Last thing I wanted to do was add incorrect information to the discussion. My bad.

Your posts are pure gold gents, keep em' coming. Without the benefit of a technical manual, this is our best option to learn. Wags produces some excellent videos on the basics, while Grim Reaper, Spudknocker and others get into more nuts and bolts, but the discussions here are best at teasing out the nuances of the Hornet and it's systems.


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