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Think is still 1 to 1 but the mechanics are changed how the Stickforces per G are simulated, have to digg in to find yoyos Post again but think thats not neccesary, and early days was no Stick Forces at all agree here was not different as flying Spit right now.

But pretty much the same case for Spit, when you not carefully enough in a Dive you come out without Wings, in someway there all not Idiot Proof you have to be carefully what you will do.

Also can still do this by settle the Trim back to Tail Heavy, and snapp my Wings in the 109, but Flying around with with this kind of trim have different draw backs, by tighten the Turn because of Trim and lost every controll to Push the Nose Down.

This should not add something to the Trim Tab Disscussion here, because i have different view what is not working pretty well (in MP), there also possible to make the 109 even with Aileron and Rudder Trim unflyable right now.
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@rel4y: I agree, but I'd just give up if I were you. I'm not sure that many of the opinions here come from people who have experience in rigging aircraft controls.
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There's a workaround... It's not perfect, but I tried it maybe 1 yr ago when there were also some lighted debates about the pitching up moment of the 109 K-4 in DCS World...

Some user came up with a pitch axis curve that actually displaced the stick a bit fwd at the mid ( centre ) position of the scale. Of course this doesn't work like the deflected elevator trim tabs do work for instance in IL-2 Great Battles, where we can actually see the stick moving fwd / elevator deflecting down as power is applied on ground, simply due to propwash, but the end effect is the same.

I lost those curve settings along the various uninstalls of DCS, and weeping of all stuff associated with it from my disk - whenever I think to myself... what am I doing playing war games almost in the third age... - but I will try to create a new one or find it back.

Maybe one day Yo-Yo wakes up and thinks: "Heck, that guy will start using diapers again and he still doesn't have the trim tabs... Let's do it!..."

EDIT: Found It, and it was actually 3 yrs ago - wow!... complaining about it for such a long time !!!!
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