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Originally Posted by unknown View Post
Hi Gizzy, i don't know if you tried it already but your "light problem" is linked to your shadows setting "flat only", if you switch this setting to low or higher the button light is working fine, as soon as i set this to flat only i have the same problem as you have. Not sure if this should be posted in the bugs section or if this is WIP

Well identified and thanks for coming back mate, really appreciated... I would put a kind simple note in the BUGS section just in case...

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The old cockpit never gave quite the sense of just how "cramped" this is to sit in. In the new cockpit a lot of the equipment/controls/instruments are rendered much larger, and sticking out into the seating space.
The fuel measurement test is in the same physical location on the forward panel, but buried behind the wall panel, which sticks out much closer to the pilot.
The HUD sticks out and blocks easy access to the warning lights on the panel too.
The large hoses, wiring bundles, shades, zip ties.. and just "stuff" everywhere.

I can't even say "you strap this on." As you really don't. I feel like I just have to shove myself into this tiny little compartment. Even with the large windows it still feels incredibly claustrophobic. What a strange sensation.

Nicely done guys.
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Originally Posted by 3WA View Post
Please post some screenshots of what your seeing. My graphics are maxed out to the point of near stuttering, and I still don't see it. I don't see depth in the dials, etc. (I know they are a little shallow). It all looks very simple and toonish.
Disregard the alliasing..I force it trough nvidia and DCS doesn't recognize it while taking screenshots.
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i have only flown the ka-50 in VR and putting on the new cockpit for the first time was rather strange.
all the proportions have changed slightly.
going to take some getting used too.
but on the whole i like it a lot.

i am definetly going to spend more time in the beast so thanks ED.
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More people need to post screenshots regarding this and the lighting. It's very weird that some people are saying "wow, completely different, totally improved and amazing" while others are the COMPLETE OPPOSITE saying things like "looks horrible, I don't see a difference, disappointed" etc.

It's so strange how completely opposite the opinions are that I wonder if the buggy 2.5.6 isn't updating correctly across the board? I dunno, it's weird.

More picy

Edit: I think the new rotor sounds from within the cockpit are the best part. Sounds amazing.
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Originally Posted by Relic View Post
It's so strange how completely opposite the opinions are that I wonder if the buggy 2.5.6 isn't updating correctly across the board? I dunno, it's weird.

Personally I am not overly impressed with the new cockpit, but your post made me think perhaps it's because I only ever used to Ricardo's HD cockpit mod and have forgotten what the vanilla cockpit looks like. I feel the same way about the new A-10 cockpit and there I also only ever flew it with the RICARDO's Horse of War HD Worn Cockpit.

So perhaps compared to the vanilla it looks great but against the mods it's just meh.
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Things look different, in different lighting conditions & with different maps & different settings etc. People aren't always specifying when & where they are flying. In the Caucuses map freeflight mission: I did notice that with regard to the button lighting that across the board, the AP lights are now a lot clearer.

The Turn to Target & other buttons on that panel are extremely hard to see unless in complete shadow with English cockpit selected.

They seem a tiny bit clearer in the Russian cockpit & no easier to see when not in shadow on other maps. Harder in fact, because glare is an issue. Try Normandy Free Flight mission.
Shadow settings flat or otherwise make no difference to me at least.
Either way, I didn't pay for it, nothing seems worse than before, and there are improvements.
Zooming in to an instrument panel so close that individual polygons & pixels show up is not something I can complain about - so I won't. The line has to be drawn somewhere, and I'd rather have 2d needles in my instruments than something that is a beautiful slideshow.

It certainly looks more realistic than it did imo.
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I guess if people were expecting it to look and feel totally different they might be disappointed but I think it looks much better. All of the cringy graphics were remodeled, AP lights fixed, and mirrors added. Cant find any control inputs to turn mirrors on though.
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Originally Posted by j0nx View Post
Can you guys check the amber LEDs on the weapon mounts and see if the lights turn on and off as you move your head side to side? Even in non-VR I see the issue.
If you check the forums ive already reported it as an issue

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Why is there such a HUGE difference in the cockpits?

New Cockpit

Old Cockpit

Dials in old Cockpit look real. Dials in new cockpit look like a painted on after-thought.

Both of these are at the same graphics settings, with medium textures and low shadows, both at 1600 daytime.

ED, please give instructions on how to get the old cockpit back.

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