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Originally Posted by bakterius View Post
Yesterday i want to fly dogfight in Mig15 but after 5-10 seconds my plane cause absolutely uncontrolable and explode in sea. Other modules are OK. Control is good in Free flight too. I try different speed but problem still persist.. My config, Oculus rift + x52 pro + saitek rudders.
What was your Mach number? Mig-15 becomes uncontrollable above .9 mach.
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It is quick mission Dogfight in Nevada. Mission started too high and yes, after short time i have 0,9 nor throttle is on iddle. iam try handle this under 0,8 but i drop to spiral and i must eject.. On free flight mission is all OK.
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Bakterius, the problem the op wrote about is the stick twitching when on the ground. It only does it while stationary.

The MiG-15 at high mach numbers, which it seems you are indicating .8 to .9 mach, will roll either left or right until your speed comes down, and yes can cause you to crash, overspeed, etc. You cannot counteract it, as it's an aerodynamic effect from the aircraft not being perfectly symmetrical. It's not a bug, the real aircraft do it, too.

If you slow down and the problem goes away, this is what you're experiencing. If it continues even after slowing down, then you may have a control issue or other problem.
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