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Originally Posted by Zeus67 View Post
The use of aerial rockets to shoot down bombers was a German invention in WWII
A little tidbit, the first use of unguided rockets as air-to-air weapons was in the Soviet Union! The RS-82 was regularly used from Khalkin Gol up to early 1942, mainly by what quickly became low-performance aircraft in the I-16, I-15 and I-153 families. Salvos of rockets set to explode in the air were fired at enemy groups, but the effectiveness of this tactic was rather limited.
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Originally Posted by Tango3B View Post
I like your thinking but I am afraid you cannot do that the way you want it to work. Friend or foe recognition in DCS is faction based. You are either team blue or red. So, there is no way you can simulate that unless you would place a SAM site by a hostile faction. And to my knowledge there is nothing RAZBAM can do about the ED game logic...
No need for anything fancy. Always can place an inactive hostile battery to simulate a friendly battery reacting to wrong IFF.
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Originally Posted by javelina1 View Post
Indeed, awaiting the "onslaught".
MiG-19P AAM employment.

Move MiG. For great justice. You know what you doing. Take off every MiG.
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