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I seem to recall someone saying you need to put their skill level on, I think it was, Average, not Excellent. Reduces the Ferris Wheel tactic. My experience is that this does work/help, though it also makes them too easy to kill. So I do 1 V 2 with the AI, though they ain't real good a 'teamwork'. Probably why I stick to honing my manual bombing skills instead.
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Average or Good is reasonable, at least in terms of the AI defying the laws of physics. They are still dumb as hell though.
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Originally Posted by pyhg View Post
Thanks a lot for the ideas. Glad to see this partially comes from the AI being good at managing energy.
It's not so much that they're good at managing energy; it's that energy is not really a factor in how they're allowed to fly. Only under extreme circumstances and in edge cases that they generally won't be in will it make any difference, whereas for you as a player, it matters all the time.
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Quick feedback from my last attempts :
Most of the time, I was playing with the AI level 'High'.

My base case scenario is a mission I created in the editor as follows :
head-to-head with another F-5E, 24k feet, in Nevada above the 'round green crops' (kind of replicating the first engagement in a mission of the BFM campaign without all the nav involved)

With the 'High' level, I struggle with this vertical never-ending fight. It indeed looks like physics do not exist for the AI. I am bleeding energy going up, and the opponent is like in space, no stall, nothing, repeating the same circle ever and ever.

I tried with the level 'Good' and this is much better. The AI still goes vertical right after the merge, but for just one or two circles, and then has to escape at low speed at some point. This is when I get him.

I created variations of this mission, with different planes. The attempt with the F14 was really interesting : here the trick is to try and balance not going too fast (with the AB on the plane easily overshoots the F-5), and at the same time not stalling or spinning (buffeting comes really quick ... one must be really easy with the stick... a good reminder). Overall a much easier fight in any case.

I should probably play dogfights online for a better experience. Anyone has a server recommendation for good dogfight training ? Thanks.
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