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Default Give the Airfield some love

A request to give the airfield guys a little more love like you have recently shown in the Super Carrier. A remarkable product, the team knocked it out of the park, textures and lighting are awesome. So the Airbase squadrons are now feeling a bit left out. Airfield lights should interact with the aircraft - video cards today are more than capable of handling this stuff.

I believe a simple solution is available for bringing more life to the airfield. When choosing aircraft at parking add option in mission setup for that aircraft to have chief in position. If yes exit left or right as option or some intelligence based on the parking location. Think the option for left right keeps it simple and in the hands of the creator. This answer depicts the direct the aircraft turns to taxi, and the chief will be on the opposite side. I have marked up image if i can attach i will. So the idea is ground crew command to chief ready to taxi. chief runs out to location points at aircraft with left hand and with right signals run up of engines. Once plane begins moving, the forward command by chief with both hands. When plane nose crosses trigger chief waves to proceed and salutes then returns to starting position.

This could feed into a return logic with a trigger at the entrance of the parking. when plane enters the trigger the chief gives guidance of the left, forward, right similar to super carrier. and the the stop command. possibly some automation with wheel choke.

Additional comment
1. is starting and finishing position of chief.
2. When called on radio, chief runs to position 2 turns around signals run up and forward.
3. When nose of aircraft crosses (3), chief signals commence own and salutes, then walks back to position 1.
4. When aircraft enters or crosses zone noted by 4, chief provides left, right, and forward until aircraft center on parking center indicated in (5)

If taxi is left the 1 and 2 would be on other side. And placement can be option added to aircraft placement in parking slot since manual placement has its own set of challenges and things being on top of objects.
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