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Zad Fnark
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Default Did anyone see...?

On Razbam's Facebook page, they posted a video of some ground based CIWS in action, presumably in DCS. Pretty much shredding any plane flying near.

Coming soon?
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Falkland Skyhawk attack?
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As far as I know, that video was shot in ArmA III. Not sure if RAZBAM themselves made it, or it was a repost and/or what is was to supposed to hint at.

Video for those without FB;
Years ago, when half the stuff we have now was a wish list. We just posted about rain effects, different seasons. We talked about different maps and aircraft. Now we have most of it, we have all this "elitist" come in that just want to post about what they deserve and what they are entitle to because they pay. They just keep crying and whining how horrible DCS is and how much they got robbed. They keep taking my shiny toy and trowing it in the trash because is not good enough for them.
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Zad Fnark
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Nuts. Couldn't tell from on the phone watching it. I know there's a CIWS mod out there for ArmA.

Maybe Razbam's just teasing.
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They just thought it was a cool video to share and talk about even though its from a different game. Don't read into it.
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They just show this video. Never said is their own product
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The interesting thing again is that the AAA is trying to hit at the target, firing huge long stream of bullets.

While far more effective way is the realistic one, you calculate the flight path of the target and you fire a medium/long burst (like 1-3 seconds) at it, and then all you need to see is that the target will fly to your bullets.

Now when you have these "perfect tracking" systems like in DCS, you are not dead if you control your maneuvering. Meaning you can maneuver and prepare your attack by getting your maneuver (like attack with CCIP mode) to just pass the target release point and keep maneuvering.

While when the AAA will fire burst front of your flight path, and even slightly randomly, it forces pilot not to try maneuver predictively but actually observe the bursts of shells and then try to maneuver to avoid their unpredictable positions front of them.

That causes extremely high stress to the pilots and high change that pilot will fly to shells if they maneuver predictably or they do not maneuver, and that forces them to quickly turn away and stay away from the area.

And that is the local AA most important task, not to destroy the enemy aircrafts but deny their access to the airspace because it is too scary and too risky to get hit or even shot down.

And that way the local AA will keep their air space clear and force enemy aircrafts to either keep altitude or away from the area and so on deny their operation in the area, and increase change of the medium to long range SAM systems to perform their tasks successfully.

Then there is other modes for these AAA systems that are designed for the incoming cruise missiles, AT missiles and bombs, and in those their flight path is directly coming at the AAA or protected target and that is where the stream of shells mode is used to constantly fire at the target so that shell would either hit the target and destroy it, or that shell would fly nearby the missile with proximity fuze to trigger it to blow up the payload.
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