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Update 17th July 2019:

PCA/HUD logic modified.
  • Master Arm functionality modified.
  • MAGIC and CAN (AA guns) can only be selected by HOTAS.
  • Special modes switch functionality modified.
  • RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.

Update 31st July 2019:
  • PCA/HUD logic modified.
  • Disabled keyboard input file bug fix.
  • MAGIC Select/Visor Down bug fix.
  • MAGIC Select improved.
  • Specific HUD page for POL.
  • POL behaviour fixed.

Update 4th August 2019:
  • Weapons System Command enabled.
  • Radar search behavior updated to simulate real radar:

- Radar antenna in TWS will not follow locked target.
- Contact icons can disappear if they are not inside the radar sweep.
- Contact icons now display on which bar they are located.
  • Following keybinds are modified:
- Special Modes FWD to Weapons SystemCMD FWD
- Special Modes AFT to Weapons SystemCMD AFT
- Target Unlock/Special Modes Deselect to Weapons SystemCMD Depress
  • Updated Mission 06 of the campaign:
- fixed the AI flight lead behaviour. He will now drop bombs from the
- south and return to the anchor point.
- fixed rare problem with the AI flight lead not taxiing.

Update 3rd October 2019:
  • VTH Radar elevation bar is now visible only in BA2 and BAH modes
  • Fix for MAG unlock, slaved and not
  • Radar TWS heading arrow fixed
  • RDI lock ranges changes for all close combat modes
  • Mag lock triangle resized to match radar square
  • VTB colors changed to match real one
  • RDI contacts detection fix when exiting from close combat modes
  • WSC AG memorize feature fix, now will save PCA/AG setting and will reset hud to NAV
  • Fix for CNM Neutral (PCA) when pressed in close combat modes.
  • RDI in TWS will now have a single bar tracking
  • BA2 re enabled as next to BAH
  • Radar unlock available only via WSC depress
  • TDC position and radar range doesn't reset after unlock or close combat modes exit

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