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Default Pesky German AI Piloted FW-190s Tough Opponents

Originally Posted by Accipiter View Post
I must say I too find it difficult to bring down any AI fighters!

I am practising, pending the Normandy release, on the four WW2 modules I own, Me 109, FW 190, Mustang and Spit. Out of all of them the Mustang is most stable to fly, with the Me 109 next, then FW 190 and Spit the last?

Apart from my lousy dogfighting skills (for me, its like hitting a Bee with a pea shooter whilst on a garden swing!) the damage to the AI (enemy) is always very low. Possibly because I am only scoring a couple of hits per dogfight.

My biggest problem seems to be high speed stalls when in the Spitfire and FW. The 109 and Pony are stable and smooth? But by far the worst for me is the Spit. Seemingly weak guns and a tendency to bite me if I am in a high speed turn, without any G induced blackout? She will suddenly drop a wing and I end up fighting it?

So if DCS can add a little more punch to the 20mm shells, it would help!

Mud moving is going to be my Normandy speciality, I doubt I would take on any fighters! I am going to leave that to the wingmen.

So I need either a Jug or a Tiffy...please?

Best regards
Instant Action - Caucasus - Dogfight 2 Spitfires vs 2 x FW-190 D-9 AI

Maybe just me - but I find that the German FW-190 AI piloted Birds are much Peskier Opponents than in the P-51D Module.

In Spitfire, I can Saddle Up in Rear Aspect just Fine - but the AI German Pilot are much more Aggressive (or Skilled) in their Defensive Maneuvering and I find it much more dificult to get a Good (In Plane) Tracking Gunshot than fighting the FW-190 in the P-51 Module.

Just me ?
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