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Default Fun little plane!

I got the Yak-52 a few months ago and flew it the first time last night (PG map)...took a couple minutes to tune axis, adjust buttons to my style and then spent an hour tooling around at street level and doing slow loops up and over tall buildings, over residentials practicing stalls and aerobatics...and finally landed without crashing or losing any tires.

Totally had a blast! Lots of fun! I think this’ll be my warm-up plane from now on...

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It IS huge fun! I just wish they would give it some attention to finish it. Wouldn't take much...
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I fly mine at least once a week.
Just been out and about near Shiraz on the PG map. Landed near some little village. I felt like the "flying doctor" from the Australian TV series.
I know the Yak isn't finished, but still love flying it.
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Originally Posted by Deano87 View Post
It IS huge fun! I just wish they would give it some attention to finish it. Wouldn't take much...
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I will buy it when it is finally finished. I'm going to hold off until then. I somehow have the feeling that i am not alone when i read through these forums.
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Oh man, I just had an idea for a fun campaign that could make this thing even more fun, assuming it lands on dirt well:

Bush flying, delivering stuff, in PG!
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It does land on dirt well, go for it!
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I am a big fan of this ac.i have it installed on 3 or our PCs around the house. Many times I have taken a new flyer up and taught them the basics of flight.

As a real pilot (no yak time but I have my complex cert in a T34) I have put my wife through primary flight training in the yak so when we go flying for real in a pa28 warrior she has a general working Knowledge of aircraft systems and instruments( esp the six pack), the pattern, landings. emergency procedures, and crew coordination. Doing this all together In the same ac is fun and translates to more enjoyable actual flights together as well.

I wish someone would make a fictional mod where we could fire smoke rocket it would make a fun FAC bird for our missions
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