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Originally Posted by DeepDrummer View Post
I like the stock sounds. They really tell you what the aircraft wants.
I was just listening to my Spitfire idle after a successful mission while I was doing a few things.
It purrs so nicely.
It can be made to cackle steady just off idle sometimes.
Heaven to my ears.
My suggestion:
Crank it up in 5.1 Surround
I'm with you. I prefer the stock sound to any mod I've tried. Seems to have more depth, IMO.
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I think the Spitfire sounds have been updated in 2.5.4. Earlier in 2.5 the crackling sound when cutting the throttle to idle didn't exist in the stock sounds, but now they do. The crackling sounds a bit tinny, but the overall sound design is good. I used to fly with Jafa's sound mod myself, but went back to the stock sounds for a number of reasons. While Jafa's mod has good, deep tone, the cockpit volume is 10x louder than in external view standing right next to the engine, and when doing F3 flyby shots the external sound volume is entirely way too quiet.

The initial video that was posted was mine from a while back. I had Diveplane's sound mod installed, but the replay track was recorded from a LAN session, and I later discovered that sound mods don't work on multiplayer replay tracks--or at least they didn't on my machine at that time. So I don't know if those sounds are actually stock or a mod.

The video I posted in this thread is representative of current stock sounds.
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I just cranked up my subwoofer almost to the point of breakup in DCS.
Any tinny sound has been replaced by a wonderful purr.
The only problem is that it is too much bass for general music and media.
If there was a way in DCS to increase the bass overall, it would be great.
Still, it is worth crawling under my desk and cranking it a bit.
More bass. Trust me. It is right on. I added +10db in the mixer for the bass and tapered everything else down to neutral at the high end as well. Sub woofer is at 50%
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yea, I use a mod now as the spit sounds I think are poor, theres not enough rumble and depth too them.
I will get around to recording the spit near me, but in the mean time the mod is good, and does not interfere with skulls huey one either
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