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Default DCS funct setCommand with script

Hi everyone,

I would be interested to run the DCS function
function Controller.setCommand(Class self, table command )
with a script. I tried something like that :

Testsc = { 
  id = 'Script', 
  params = {
    command = trigger.action.outText("Hello",3)

groupCon = Group.getByName("A10"):getController()
but I cant get it working
The error says "parameter self missing"

What am I doing wrong ?

What about if I want to run not just one but let's say two commands ?

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It is important to note the differences in calling class objects with . and :.

Both of these do the same thing. When you call a function with . it doesn't assume the first variable is a "self", you will have to add it to the function call. When you do it with : and it is a correct object, then it will use that object as the first variable.

Controller.setCommand(groupCon, Testsc)

Also fairly certain the script needs to be in a string format. Should be able to double bracket it or be very careful with quotes.

command = [[trigger.action.outText("Hello",3)]]


command = "trigger.action.outText('Hello',3)"
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