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Originally Posted by Harlikwin View Post
I think one of the things they "could" do is be far more up-front on their webpage about estimated completion year. Then again this would likely drive off new players but its all about expectations management.
Agreed. If there was a clear timeframe then we can make choices with all the information needed.


I'd say that both the F14 and the JF17 came out much more "done" than the F18 and Viper.
And that is likely the reason IMO that they are seen far more positively than the F18/F16. ED should really learn that lesson.


the recent hornet/viper "fiasco" being the exception, not the rule.
It may be an 'exception' - but an 'exception' can become 'precedent' which I very much hope ED has realised would be a bad idea.

I am so glad that ED haven't in the 2020 roadmap teased another jet like they did with the Viper, I think ED HAVE to finish the Hornet AND Viper before they accept any money for a future fast jet to show that this was indeed an exception/mistake....
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