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Hey all, happy new year! Glad someone's getting interest out of this stuff.

Just got done having new year's day dinner with my father (he makes excellent ribs) and I took that opportunity to ask him more about the F-15 flight. I asked him about if there were any photos of that and he said sadly not.

This happened on a business trip to the St. Louis Boeing factory I think sometime in 2007, and the flight was actually in an F-15K Slam Eagle - this was a customer sell-off test flight, running the aircraft through its paces one more time before handing it off to the Korean government. Apparently it's a lot easier to get permission to do this kind of thing in a Boeing aircraft for international commercial sale to a foreign government than to do it with a USAF property aircraft. Anyway, this test flight required someone in the back seat to run through all the radar tests, and apparently they just dragged him down to the airfield that afternoon without telling him what was going on and got him suited up, ran him through some real quick safety training about the ejection seat and stuff. It was a last minute thing, nothing had been planned. He was kicking himself for not having any photos of this and said the pilot had also said, hey, you know, there really should have been a photographer here for this.

In any case, he said they took it up to high altitude, did some moderate maneuvering and a supersonic run over the Ozarks, he did his thing with the radar, and that was basically that. He acts like it wasn't that big a deal but I can tell from the smile on his face that he's still a little bit giddy about it 13 years later.

Anyway, that's all for now. Happy new year again, folks! Catch you all later.
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Now that must have been a joyride.
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Thank you for the stories, loved reading them!
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