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They got the initial AIM-7E-4
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Will be cool if we get Iranian Liveries (Imperial and Islamic) to F-14A and F-14B (Fictional) with their release
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Originally Posted by Oberst_Starlight View Post
Will be cool if we get Iranian Liveries (Imperial and Islamic) to F-14A and F-14B (Fictional) with their release
If memory serves, the plan was to, indeed, have IRAF and IIAF F-14A's and for the Iranian F-14B to only be a theoretical IIAF bird. Of course, the last time I saw this mentioned was a year or two ago, so the plan could of changed.
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Did someone say that there was nothing in the Iraqi Air Force that could beat an F-14 today? As much as I love the tomcat, I would put my money on an F-16
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Guys, there is already a discussion thread about the Iranian tomcat started by Cobra himself:
Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post
Hi Everyone,

We strongly appreciate the need to try and accurately represent Iranian Tomcats and will be implementing various visual (e.g. older oxygen masks & helmets, liveries, chinpod) changes.

We will also possibly be making available an assortment of weapons that we believe could feasibly be interfaced with the Tomcat, which have been shown to have been utilized and fired by Iranian Tomcats. However, seeing something on a photo is vastly different from a weapon system being operational and useful.

Since we can't be 100% sure of anything in this particular issue, we will likely place any additional weapon capability behind a server authoritive, special checkbox, which will default to off. This way, each player and server can individually decide whether the expanded weaponry will be available to Iranian F-14As, and simulate a different F-14 OPFOR experience.

We will of course do everything we can to make sure that our implementation of these weapons is reasonable in accuracy and authenticity, despite the lack of documentation.
Obviously this will involve significant guesswork. These may also not be available immediately at release.

Feel free to offer your thoughts and suggestions, we're all ears on this matter.

Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post
Oh, and FWIW: We haven't even decided whether there will be any expanded weaponry, the point of this thread was to inform you that if we do add anything, it will be behind a special checkbox, clearly labeled as potentially unrealistic, and server authoritive.

EDIT: Just realized the first post was confusing on this due to my poor wording. Fixed!
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Question guys

I came across some info while researching Chinese aircraft, while some believe the Chinese are masters of corporate espionage, one thing is for certain they aren't shy about reverse engineering tech. and I came across and Article about their JL-10 radar set being part home grown with tech recovered from A-6 and F-111's and further enhanced by AWG-9 given by the Iranians.


Frequency: X band
Maximum detection range: 104 km
Maximum look-up tracking range: 80 km
Maximum look-down tracking range: 54 km
Maximum look-up engagement range: 40 km
Maximum look-down engagement range: 32 km
Total modes of operation: 11
Sector of scan: +/- 60 degrees
Maximum targets tracked: 15
Maximum targets engaged: 6
Developer: CLETRI (607th Institute)
built to MIL-STD-1553 standard

if the radar is similar to the AWG-9 albeit shorter ranger less target tracking could this be the system in refurbished /upgraded Iranian tomcats.

which using the us standard retains the ability to use western avionics and weaponry but allowing the IRIAF F-14 to also use A2A PL-5, Pl-12, and ASM's Kh-31, C802. on top of the Sidewinder, Aim-7, AIM-54, modified hawks and Soviet R-73's.

as the Chinese have helped modify systems for the Iranian's before Shahab-2/3 AKA Scud-C to me this seems the most logical step since they alone would have the manufacturing capability to near match ours. and if So would add a unique flavor to the tomcat in DCS when flying in one or against one. Thoughts ??
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